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Notes for PR515, by Dr Jan Pajak

PR515 course has 7 credits, or 70 learning hours. It extends for one term, or a half of semester, means for 8 weeks in total. It represents stage 1 of client-side and server-side scripting in JavaScript language. It is composed of two parts, namely part 1 on "client-side scripting", or "CS", and part 2 on "server-side scripting", or "SS". Both parts extend for 4 weeks each. The lecture notes and example programs that I am presenting here are prepared for a Microsoft "Mswebserver" and Internet Explorer.
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- The last update of the web page on: 23 July 2005.

Theory Content:

Theory content of this PR515 course is supplied in course materials for practical laboratory content. It is based on the following textbook [1] Goodman, D. (2001). JavaScript Bible (4th ed). New York: Hungry Minds, Inc. (ISBN: 0-7645-3342-8). It incorporates chapters 3 to 10 and 34 to 37 of [1].

Practical laboratory content:

Notice that the practical laboratory content together with assessments form a small booklet, which covers both theory and practical side of the course. This booklet is worked through by students at their own paste.

(2003 - CS) Notes for the client-side part of PR515 (i.e. first 4 weeks):

The title page for the course booklet (for block 3 of 2003).

Course Outline (for block 3 of 2003).

Exercise T1 (Environment and tools for client-side scripting).

Exercise T2 (Client-side scripting).

Client-side revision (Revision questions to answer).

(2003 - SS) Notes for the server-side part of PR515 (i.e. last 4 weeks):

Exercise T3 (Environment and tools for server-side scripting).

Exercise T4 (Server-side scripting).

Client-side revision (Revision questions to answer).

2003 Assessments:

(2003 - block 3 Assessment) Examples of assessment for pr515 (i.e. both parts, CS and SS):

Assignment 1 for CS scripting. (PR515).

Assignment 2 for SS scripting. (PR515).

2003 Sample solutions:

(2003 - Assignment Solutions) Examples of solutions for assignments 1 and 2 (block 2, 2003):

(2002 - Assignment Solutions) Examples of solutions for assignments 1 and 2 (block 3, 2002):

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(2) Some notes may be compressed into standard zip files. Therefore, you need to unzip them first before they are executed or used.
(3) If you wish to see any other related web pages - see the Links Page (e.g. the so-called "Blue Book" with prescriptions for PR65n (former PR25n) courses addressed here, are available at the web page
(4) Address for correspondence (July 2005): Dr Jan Pajak, P.O. Box 33250, Petone 6340, New Zealand.