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This Web page displays collection of "calculators" designed and programmed by my computing students

Calculators are unique projects for object-oriented programming (OOP), which combine in a simple piece the artistic and the programming skills of their creators. I am giving calculators for mini projects of various OOP assignments for many years. Some students produce real masterpieces for these projects (especially from the artistic, although not so much from the programming, point of view). In order to show my appreciation for their effort, and also to allow their work to inspire others, via this Web page I am presenting the most interesting out of these students' projects.

- In order to run any of these calculators simply click on the underlined name with .HTM extention!
- For further instructions see the end of this Web page.
- Click the button BACK (from the browser) to return to this, or the previous, Web page.
The last update of this Web page was on: 7 July 2002.

JavaScript calculators:

Pager.htm - executable code for a calculator and a pager, 1992 (in HTML + JavaScript).

Keypad.htm - executable code for a calculator and a keypad, 1991 (in HTML + JavaScript).

Java Applet calculators:

A Roman calculator

Roman.htm - executable code for ROMAN calculator, 1992 (in HTML + Java). - compressed source code for ROMAN calculator, 1992 (in zip format).

A Caesar calculator

Caesar.htm - executable code for a Caesar calculator, 1992 (in HTML + Java). - compressed source code for a Caesar calculator, 1992 (in zip format).

A calculator

Calc.htm - executable code for a calculator, 1991 (in HTML + Java). - compressed source code for a calculator, 1991 (in zip format).


(1) In order to download source code for a given Java Applet calculator click on the filename of it with *.zip extension, and then indicate when the compressed file with the source code should be stored in your computer. (2) In order to download the source code of a JavaScript calculator, just reveal the source code (means click on: view/source pull-down menu), and then save this source code to your computer!
(3) To return to this Web page, click on the Back button on the tool palette of your browser.
(4) If you wish to see any other related Web pages, see the Favorite Links Page.
(5) Address for correspondence (May 2002): Dr Jan Pajak, P.O. Box 33250, Petone 6340, New Zealand.

Note that "self-paste" type exercises, which prepare students for prerparing such calculators, are provided in my lecture notes for JavaScript and Java Appletts programming.