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This page provides links to Web sites of various institutions, which in various ways are related to my lecture notes (e.g. which used to employ Dr Jan Pajak at some stage)
Example of such related Web page, is the web page containing the Blue Book with course prescription for almost all courses that are covered by my unofficial lecture notes.

This my photograph was taken in 1993 in Salamis - an ancient city in Northern Cyprus which in 1178 AD was swept from the surface of Earth by a powerful tsunami wave, but which was unearthed again in XXth century. Salamis went into history because it is there where a type of sausages commonly called "salamis" were invented. Behind me an ancient Roman amphitheatre is visible, located at Salamis near the sea shore.

Web sites which relate to my lecture notes:
Blue Book ( This Web site contains the so-called Blue Book that combines together the official course prescriptions designed and maintained by the (New Zealand) National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications. Most of the course codes, course names, and my unofficial lecture notes that I am making available through this Web site, actually follows this BLUE BOOK.
National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications This is the institution in New Zealand which handles the majority of matters concerned with course prescriptions.
NZ Qualification Authority This authority is handling tha majority of matters concerned with qualifications in New Zealand.

Web sites of educational institutions in which I had the pleasure to work and to lecture for at least one year (thus which contributed to eventuating my lecture notes):
Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland This is my home university. I was employed in it for 12 years, the most of that time lecturing as an "adiunkt" ("adiunkt" is a polish equivalent to a reader at English universities) specialised in Computer Assisted Design (CAD) of Machine Tools and in Numerical Control.
Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand Post-Doctoral Fellow in Computer Assisted Desing (CAD) - Mechanical Engineering Department.
Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill, New Zealand Tutor level T3 (also called a Senior Tutor) in computing.
Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand Senior Lecturer in Quantitative and Computer Studies.
Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus Associate Professor in Computer Sciences.
University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering.
University of Malaysia Sarawak, Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering.
Aoraki Polytechnic, Timaru, New Zealand Tutor in computing.
Wellington Institute of Technology, Petone, New Zealand Academic Staff Member (computing).

Web sites of factories in which I had the pleasure to work for at least three years:
Computer Producing Factory "Elwro", Wroclaw, Poland I worked in it from 1974 until 1978. It then was called "Mera-Elwro". It apparently later was subdivided into many smaller companies, one of which is this one.
Bus and Truck Producing Factory "Jelcz", Jelcz near Wroclaw, Poland I worked in it from 1978 until the departure from Poland in 1982. It then was called "Polmo-Jelcz".

Web sites of educational institutions in Poland in which I learned or studied:
A Polish DB web site "" which records students and schools from the entire Poland (my schools are listed on it).

The most recent update of this page: 23 July 2005.