Political party of totalizm for the idea of everlasting happiness
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22 September 2013

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These ones who carefully watch the society, and are aware of claims of mass media, probably noticed already various paradoxes of present life on the Earth. For example, that we keep increasing the amount of material goods which we own, but the level of our happiness constantly goes down. Or that we plan expeditions to Mars, but none of us is sure of tomorrow. Or that we have two ideologies on the Earth (capitalism and communism) and tens of different systems of ruling, but none of these managed to solve such problems as unemployment, exploitation, inflation, addictions, crime, homelessness, social injustice, deepening of the division between rich and poor, wars, discrimination, economic and energy crisis, running out of natural resources, pollution of natural environment, extinction of animals, warming out of the climate, etc., etc. This web page contains a proposal for elimination such paradoxes from our life through the peaceful evolution of humanity to a purposely designed and democratically implemented highly advanced ideology, which would combine together the advantages of present capitalism and communism, but would be deprived of drawbacks of these old political systems. The most important goal of this new ideology would be to lift the level of human happiness through the political implementation of the moral findings of the philosophy of totalizm in everyday life.

Part #A: The introductory information about this web page on the political party of totalizm:


#A1. Introduction:

Motto: "The key to happiness and better future cannot be found in a single flash of someone's genius - thus this key needs to be laboriously earned with a continuous self-improvement, repair of already committed errors, and introduction of protective bariers against repetition of whatever is wrong and harmful."

       In present times people are born to a specific political system, which their ancestors established in the result of a bloody revolution or murderous war, then typically they are sentenced for a life in that political system until they die in it. Only very few of them manages to emigrate to a different country, but even these ones have a choice of just two major ideologies described in item #F1 from this web page. The first of these two is "capitalism" known to everyone so well. The major goal of capitalism is the "maximisation of profit". Unfortunately, in the chase for profit it looses the care for individual (ordinary) people. Furthermore, the focusing of capitalism on profit and money it releases in people various deviations and plagues, for example untamed greed, crime, addictions, brutality, unemployment, economic crisis, destruction of the nature, etc., etc. The second ideology already implemented although less known to the world is "communism" and its popular versions called "socialism". Their major (although well hidden) goal boils down to the "maximisation of employment". Unfortunately, in its keeping people preoccupied communism and socialism forget about obeying social and natural laws and overlook that ordinary people, independently from being employed and having the feeling of social usefulness, have also other needs to be satisfied as well. Unfortunately, due to these drawbacks none out of these two ideologies already in existence provides people with what is the most desired by them - namely with the everyday happiness and the feeling of self-fulfilment. Furthermore, none amongst these ideologies even considers the possibility, that it should continually and voluntarily self-improve, aiming at finding a way to provide its people with the required happiness - without forcing them to introduce such improvements through a bloody revolution or war. For these reasons the philosophy called moral totalizm proposes still another (more happy) ideological alternative in addition to these two alternatives already in existence. The chief goal of this new ideology of totalizm is the widely understood maximisation of happiness of individual people. This totaliztic ideology intends to accomplish such goal with the use of a whole range of methods and tools which already were worked out and proven in action by the philosophy of totalizm, while philosophical foundation of which is the principle of repetitive, continuous, voluntarily, peaceful, etc., self-improvement, based on the identification and on repair of own imperfections and already committed errors, as well as on building barriers which are to protect against repetition of whatever already turned out to be wrong or harmful.. In other words, for accomplishing happiness for the entire society, the political party of totalizm has the duty to use the same methods about which the new "totaliztic science" already established, that they are used by God Himself in perfecting the humanity with the aid of God's "omniplan" described in item #C4 from the web page named immortality_pl.htm. Of course, in order the "maximisation of happiness" of people could be ever accomplished, it is necessary to establish beforehand a political "party of totalizm" which would implement practically this ideology. An interesting aspect of this new ideology (and party) is, that it not only is capable of providing happiness to individual people, but also it carries a potential to eliminate all problems and paradoxes of both previously implemented ideologies described in item #F1 below. Means, it eliminates listed at the beginning: exploitation, inflation, addictions, crimes, homelessness, injustice, social differences, unemployment, economic depressions, avoidance of responsibility, destruction of nature, etc., etc. Furthermore, it eliminates the prophesised catastrophe and depopulating of the Earth which is described in "part #H" of the web page prophecies.htm - which are unavoidably incoming to people because of incompetence of the presently prevailing ideologies.

#A2. What are goals of this web page:

Motto: "The history of the Earth does NOT know a political system which just by itself would allow to be improved voluntarily and peacefully - about the time that relying on moral principles of the philosophy of totalizm. people establish the political "party of totalizm" which finnaly is to create such voluntarily and countinually self-improving political system."

       The main goal of this web page stems directly from the content of the previous item #A1 "introduction". Here is how this goal could be defined scientifically. The presentation of a programme of voluntary and peaceful transformation of any political system that is oriented either towards the "maximisation of profit" or towards the "maximisation of employment", into a political system which is oriented towards the maximisation of happiness of individual people, through the formation of a political "party of totalizm" which would implement the third ideological alternative proposed here and based on findings of the philosophy of moral totalizm.
       Of course, in order to be able to accomplish the above main goal of this web page, the page must also achieve several intermediate goals. The most important out of these include: (1) the development of a proposal for a political "party of totalizm" that would become a "vehicle" ("white horse") which furnish peacefully a given nation with this alternative, third perfected ideology, (2) encouragement for a practical establishing such a party, (3) listing the most vital goals that the party of totalizm would try to accomplish, and (4) the explanation of principles and methods with the use of which the subsequent goals of totalizm could be accomplished.

#A3. What the maximisation of happiness actually means in the light of the philosophy of moral totalizm:

Motto: "Everything that humans created, humans are also able to improve further."

       A problem with the understanding the "maximisation of happiness" is such, that neither the official Earth's science, nor the majority of individual people, as so-far really understand what actually this "happiness" is. In order to become aware how miserable is our official knowledge in this area, I propose that the reader replies new the following question "how you would estimate the level of your own happiness in the scale from 0 to 10?" Then I would propose to reply on the question "what individual factors can be named and indicated that cause just such our own estimate of the level of own happiness?"
       Because as so-far cannot be explained what in eyes of the official science could be defined as the maximisation of happiness, let us now explain here what this means in the light of the philosophy of totalizm. This is because totalizm has a clear and unambiguous understanding what this is. According to totalizm the maximisation of happiness is a continuous increase in everyone a whole array of feelings which are pleasant and act in log-term and which result from a constant flow of a kind of energy called the "moral energy" through human chakras.
       In the above definition it is worth to notice that the key significance in the perception of happiness has the "long-term" lasting of pleasurable feelings that we experience. Thus for example short bursts of pleasures, that result e.g. from surges of moral energy ventilating through our chakras because we used drugs, or we are drunk, or we bought ourselves some new "toy", does NOT cause in us a permanent impression that we in fact are "happy". In order to feel happy, through our chakras must continually flow a steady and powerful stream of moral energy. Of course, in order such a steady and powerful stream of moral energy could flow through someone's chakras, this person must accumulate rather a significant amount of this energy. This is why the philosophy of totalizm translates this maximisation of happiness, as a process of creation political and social conditions in the country, which would make possible to build in every citizen a possibly highest level of his or her moral energy. After all everyone who has a high level of moral energy, in fact feels "happy" - independently of the circumstances in which would find himself or herself. In turn to build up in people such a high level of their moral energy, both governments and citizens of a given country everything that they do must do in a pedantically moral manner.
       From the above becomes also clear, that to understand completely what in the light of findings of the philosophy of totalizm is this maximisation of happiness, it is also necessary to learn more thoroughly the mechanism of human feelings (which mechanisms is described comprehensively in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] or [8/2]), to learn more thoroughly what is this "moral energy" (which is described comprehensively in item #E1 from the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in item #D6 from the web page totalizm.htm - about the philosophy of totalizm, and in item #C4 from the web page parasitism.htm - about the philosophy of parasitism), as well as to learn more thoroughly how to increase in someone the level of his or her "moral energy" (that is described comprehensively in item #D2 from the web page nirvana.htm - about the totaliztic nirvana).

#A4. The history to-date regarding the establishing of the "party of totalizm" and the history of this web page:

       The idea itself to establish at some stage a political party of totalizm that would implement in real life the goals, principles, and ideas of the philosophy of totalizm, is as old as totalizm itself. After all, while totalizm is a highly moral philosophy which is an exact opposite of the immoral philosophy of social parasitism which currently is in power on the Earth, totalizm from the very beginning understood that its dissemination is going to be blocked, while its ideas are to be suppressed. Therefore, already to the first publications on totalizm an information was included, that sometimes in the future totalizm must concentrate on the establishing a political party based on its principles, and then must lead this party to assuming the political power. Such just information was already introduced to monograph [1/2] (i.e. to the first predecessor of the present manual of totalizm contained in volume 6 from monographs [1/4] or [1/5], or in the entire monograph [8/2]). Unfortunately, the political party does NOT organise itself on its own. Thus, according to the saying of my grandfather, stating that "if we strongly believe that something should be done, we must to it ourselves", the attempt to establish such a party was forced to await until I am going to find the necessary time and processing capacity.
       Until a half of 2005 I was too involved in various research and carrying out my professional duties, to still find time for initiation of organising a political party. Therefore, practical work on the political party of totalizm were initiated only on 30 December 2005, through placing on the blog of totalizm (with the address indicated in item #K5 of this web page) a post that initiated the action - see in there the post number #52. Because a condition of organising such a party become the information of the society about its goals and methods of action, a next step leading to this party was to publish a web page on its subject. Thus on 11 January 2006 I published the first version of this web page about the political "party of totalizm". In 2007 elections were held in Poland. In the face of this election, at the beginning of 2007 I updated this web page publishing a second version of it. The goal of alterations introduced then was to provide readers with some idea as to what is important in the light of totalizm in electoral programmes of subsequent parties. Works on the content of this third, again improved and updated version of the web page, started in March 2008.

Część #B: Na czym polega owa zasadnicza różnica podejścia opisanej tu partii totalizmu od podejścia wszelkich innych partii politycznych?


#B1. Polityczna "partia totalizmu" adoptuje jako swój fundament filozoficzny, ustalenie "totaliztycznej nauki" stwierdzające że "ludzie celowo stworzeni zostali przez Boga jako wysoce niedoskonałe istoty":

       Każda partia polityczna jest oparta na jakichś "pisanych" lub "niepisanych" założeniach filozoficznych. Przykładowo, wszelkie dotychczasowe partie polityczne przyjmowały "niepisane" założenie, że "ludzie są doskonałymi stworzeniami". Dlatego wystarczy aby np. dać władzę i pieniądze w ręce owych już doskonałych ludzi, zaś oni będą już wiedzieli co mają uczynić aby poprawić życie reszty społeczeństwa oraz aby udskonalić świat jaki nas otacza. Nie są przy tym wcale potrzebne żadne zabezpieczenia które by uniemożliwiały owym ludziom działania jakie są dalekie od doskonałości. Tymczasem życie nam codziennie udowadnia że owo "niepisane założenie" jest wysoce błędne. Jeśli bowiem faktycznie odda się ludziom w ręce władzę lub pieniądze i zaniedba nałożenia na nich zabezpieczeń które zmuszą ich do moralnego postępowania, wówczas typowo pierwszą rzeczą jaką ludzie ci uczynią, to sprzeniewierzenie otrzymanego zaufania i zadbanie głównie o swoje własne interesy. To z tego wszakże powodu dyktatorów trzeba siłą usuwać od władzy, zaś zachłanność bankierów i dyrektorów zainicjowała w 2008 roku światowy kryzys ekonomiczny.
       Na bazie powyższych ustaleń, nowa "totaliztyczna nauka" nakazuje nam na łamach odrębnej strony o nazwie humanity_pl.htm, że jeśli faktycznie chcemy poprawić los ludzkości, wówczas musimy otwarcie adoptować na filozoficzny fundament każdej partii politycznej owo zupełnie odwrotne ustalenie "totaliztycznej nauki", stwierdzające że "ludzie są wysoce niedoskonałymi istotami" - tak jak to nam wyjaśnia punkt #B2 na stronie o nazwie antichrist_pl.htm. Partia totalizmu zamierza być pierwszą partią polityczną która owo ustalenie adoptuje jako jeden z najważniejszych składowych swoich fundamentów filozoficznych.
       Podsumowując powyższe, polityczna "partia totalizmu" tym się różni od wszelkich innych dotychczas istniejących partii, że otwarcie akceptuje ona na swe fundamenty naukowe owo ustalenie "totaliztycznej nauki" opisane w punkcie #B2 strony o nazwie antichrist_pl.htm, jakie stwierdza że "Bóg celowo stworzył ludzi jako wysoce niedoskonałe istoty".

Część #C: Jak więc nowa partia totalizmu będzie wdrażała w życie to co wynika z owego ustalenia "totaliztycznej nauki" stwierdzającego że "ludzie są wysoce niedoskonałymi istotami"?


#C1. Nowa polityczna "partia totalizmu" będzie stopniowo wbudowywała w każdy obszar ludzkiej działalności najróżniejsze "zabezpieczenia" które już sprawdziły się w rzeczywistym życiu iż zapobiegają one następstwom ludzkich niedoskonałości:

       Odrębna strona o nazwie humanity_pl.htm zawiera systematyczne omówienie najważniejszych ludzkich niedoskonałości, wraz ze wskazówkami jakie sprawdzone już w rzeczywistym działaniu metody postępowania, ludzkość poznała dotychczas że zapobiegają one następstwom tych niedoskonałości. Dlatego jednym z głównych zadań jakie ta nowa partia polityczna dla siebie adoptuje, będzie stopniowe wprowadzanie do kluczowych obszarów życia takich zabezpieczeń, które zagwarantują iż owe ludzkie niedoskonałości NIE będą już dalej obniżały standardu ludzkiego życia ani psuły doskonałości naszych społeczeństw.

#C2. Jakie będzie działanie owych zabezpieczeń wbudowywanych w każdy obszar ludzkiej działalności:

       Jeśli się dokładniej rozważy sprawę, wówczas się okazuje że wszystkie problemy ludzkości biorą swój początek od "ludzkich niedoskonałości". Przykładowo, zachłanność jednych grup ludzi jest powodem dla którego inne grupy ludzi muszą być eksploatowane, krzywdzone i uciskane. Ambicje niektórych przywódców powodują wojny, śmierć i zniszczenia. Itd., itp. Dlatego jeśli na każdy obszar ludzkiej działalności nałoży się odpowiednie "zabezpieczenia" które uniemożliwią ludziom o niewłaściwych inklinacjach eksploatowanie swoich niedoskonałości dla osiągnięcia własnych egoistycznych celów, wówczas zło jakie obecnie widzimy dookoła z upływem czasu samo musi zaniknąć.
       Jakiego typu będą owe "zabezpieczenia" wyjaśnia to dokładniej odrębna totaliztyczna strona o nazwie humanity_pl.htm. Streśmy tutaj krótko przykład omówiony tam w punkcie #H1. Mianowicie, taką ludzką niedoskonałością która dla naszej obecnej cywilizacji okazuje się być jedną z najbardziej niszczycielskich, jest np. naturalna tendencja wpływowych ludzi aby formować "monopole" lub "kartele". Wszakże przykładowo, to właśnie "monopole" i "kartele" na moich oczach w przeciągu zaledwie około 20 lat zamieniły Nową Zelandię z raju na Ziemi - jakim była ona w okresie panowania Sir Roberta Muldoon (po opisy tego najmoralniejszego nowozelandzkiego przywódcy patrz punkt #B1 na mojej stronie autobiograficznej o nazwie pajak_jan.htm), w niemal kraj "trzeciego świata" jakim Nowa Zelandia jest obecnie. Dlatego jednym z "zabezpieczeń" jakie nowa "partia totalizmu" będzie się starała wprowadzić w życie, będzie stworzenie takich sprawdzonych już w rzeczywistym życiu sytuacji, aby owe "monopole" lub "kartele" stały się niemożliwe do uformowania. Przykładowo, Sir Robert Muldoon w tym celu przyjął zasadę (która w praktyce okazała się ogromnie efektywna), że dla każdego produktu wytwarzanego w Nowej Zelandii, albo importował i upowszechniał po wysoce konkurencyjnej cenie, albo też wytwarzał w rządowych zakładach produkcyjnych, konkurencyjny produkt który eliminował na rynku krajowym niebezpieczeństwo uformowania na ten produkt monopolu lub kartelu. Niestety, rządy jakie dorwały się do władzy po Sir Robercie Muldoon zaprzestały tej mądrej praktyki, pozwalajac aby Nowa Zelandia obrosła monopolami i kartelami, co w końcowym efekcie całkowicie zrujnowało ten uprzedni raj na Ziemi.

#C3. Na czym będzie polegała trudność wbudowywania owych zabezpieczeń w każdy obszar ludzkiej działalności:

       Aby omawiane tutaj "zabezpieczenia" okazały się efektywne, muszą one eliminować "pierwotną" przyczynę danego zła. Owa "przyczyna pierwotna" daje się przyrównać do "pierwotnej przyczyny" jakiejś choroby, zaś "partia totalizmu" musi się nauczyć jak ją odrózniać od "wtónych symptomów" - co dokładniej objaśnia np. punkt #F2 na totaliztycznej stronie o nazwie cooking_pl.htm. Przykładowo, podobnie jak w chorobach - jeśli ktoś umiera np. na raka, zaś pierwotną przyczyną jego śmierci okazuje się być radioaktywność z jaką wcześniej się zetknął, również w życiu społecznym "wtórnym symptomem" może być np. "depresja ekonomiczna" podczas gdy pierwotną przyczyną tej depresji okazuje się być "chciwość" bankierów i dyrekcji najważniejszych instytucji. Dlatego największą trudnością i zagadką którą "partia totalizmu" musi nauczyć się rozwiązywać, jest wykrywanie co jest najbardziej pierwotną przyczyną na pojawianie się danego niekorzystnego zjawiska społecznego lub politycznego. Potem zaś partia ta musi znaleźć i wdrożyć "zabezpieczenie" które spowoduje wyeliminowanie tej przyczyny. Po jej zaś wyeliminowaniu, sytuacja społeczna sama z czasem się naprawi.

Część #D: Przebudowując nasze życie społeczne, nowa partia totalizmu będzie jednak kładła szczególny nacisk aby czynić to pokojowo, demokratycznie, oraz aby w swych posunięciach NIE ignorować praw Boga, praw moralnych i praw natury:


#D1. Jakie prawa Boga, moralności i natury nowa polityczna "partia totalizmu" przede wszystkim będzie starała się przestrzegać:

       Jak wynika to z historycznych analiz, zignorowanie działania praw Boga, praw moralnych, lub praw natury, powodowało już upadek licznych mocarstw i systemów społecznych. Przykładowo, w Polsce komunizm relatywnie niedawno upadł ponieważ ignorował on prawo że "ludzie tylko tym się opiekują, co mają na własność". Dlatego nowa "partia totalizmu" będzie przykładała szczególną uwagę do tego, aby w swoich posunięciach NIE ignorować żadnego z obowiązujących nas praw Boga, moralności, natury, itp.
       Dokonajmy teraz przeglądu najważniejszych praw Boga, moralności, natury, itp., co do respektowania których nowa "partia totalizmu" musi przykładać szczegółną uwagę. Oto one:
       1. Dla wszystkiego co zamierzasz uczynić, sprawdź jak Bóg nakazuje Ci to zrealizować. Stąd każde posunięcie partii totalizmu powinno być weryfikowane czy NIE stoi ono w sprzeczności z tym co Bóg nakazał ludziom treścią swoich świętych ksiąg (np. treścią Biblii).
       2. Wszystko co czynisz, powinieneś czynić pedantycznie moralnie. Z uwagi na niezbędność przestrzegania tego prawa, każde posunięcie "partii totalizmu" musi być weryfikowane pod względem swej moralnej poprawności - tak jak ową moralną poprawność definiuje filozofia totalizmu.
       3. Żadne z posunięć "partii totalizmu" NIE powinno być podejmowane tak aby było ono sprzeczne z działaniem praw społecznych, ekonomicznych, natury, itp.
       4. Jedynym wymogiem za nałożenie którego na ludzi zdobywających edukację Bóg NIE serwuje kar, jest wkład pracy w zdobywanie wiedzy. Dlatego ze wszystkich znanych modeli wykształcenia, jedynym za który kraj jaki go wprowadza jest nagradzany przez Boga, jest "polski model kształcenia" opisany dokładniej m.in. w punkcie #E1 strony o nazwie rok.htm. W modelu tym edukacja jest całkowicie bezpłatna, jednak liczba miejsc w instytucjach edukacyjnych ograniczona. Dlatego chętni do zdobycia wykształcenia muszą zdać trudne egzaminy wstępne i końcowe, zaś w trakcie uczenia się muszą spełniać cały szereg ostrych wymagań merytorycznych.

Part #E: Legal requirements which must be fulfilled in order to establish the political party of totalizm:


#E1. What legal conditions we must meet in order to form a political party of totalizm:

       Matters of initiation of new political parties are regulated in every country by appropriate laws. For example in Poland these are regulated by the text of the Act on political parties dated on 27 June 1997.
       According to these Acts, legal requirements for establishing and registration of a new political party almost in every country typically include as follows (the list below is based on the requirements currently existing in Poland):
       1. Development, having, and formal registration of the "statute of a given party".
       2. Defining a name, abbreviation, and graphical symbol of the party, which must be distinctively different from these for parties already in existence.
       3. Preparation of the list of "members-organisers" of a given party. In Poland this list must have at least 1000 full-age citizens of Poland which support a give party, with their own signatures, full names, addresses, and PESEL numbers.
       4. Formal registration of the party. In Poland it is carried out by 3 people amongst the indicated 1000.
       Please notice that web pages which contain more information on the subject of establishing a new political party in Poland, can be found at addresses: isip.sejm.gov.pl/prawo/search.html and pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partia_polityczna.

#E2. Stages in the plan of accomplishing a fulfilment of initial requirements to establish the party in a most speedy manner:

       It cannot be hidden that present times are not most encouraging to the establishing a new political party. After all, amongst people prevails a political apathy. Many people believe that they are NOT able to improve their fate. Spreads unemployment, hopelessness, and addictions. People are tired with promises of politicians, which never are delivered. Every person separately begins to seek a solution for its own situation through walking around the present system. Television is confusing and increasing the apathy. People are frustrated and nothing seems to move them.
       In spite of all these there is a possibility that people can after all mobilise themselves to an real action. After all, increasingly more of ' us sees that we should NOT waste this extraordinary situation that God intentionally created for us. So we should undertake efforts to transform totalizm into the active political force, and then assist this force in improvement of the situation of people. In order to establish this new political force I would suggest to undertake the following plan of action:
       (i) Prepare the formation of the political party of totalizm. Means immediately develop such actions in Internet, which in the final effect would lead to the fulfilment of all conditions that are necessary to the formation of a new political party. These actions include, amongst others: (a) gathering the required number of 1000 members-organisers who would establish the party of totalizm (for further details see item #E7 of this web page), (b) working out details of the statute of the party of totalizm (the proposal of this statute is presented in item #E6 below), (c) establishing the main cells of the organisational structure of the party, and initial selecting specific candidates for every position in that structure to be submitted later for internal elections and for the conformation by assemblies of members, (d) working up the election programme and the initial organisational implementation of this programme, and several further most urgent matters.
       (ii) Official registration of the party of totalizm. Means register it in the register of political parties.
       (iii) Beginning of the activities of the party. Means organising main organs, settling selected people to all statutory positions in these organs, start the political activities of these organs and their members, etc., etc.
       (iv) Begin the electoral campaign, and the implementation of intended changes. Although this part is to be equally difficult as presently difficult is the organising this party, still we should be optimistic and ready, to (as saying goes) "cross these bridges when we arrive to them".
* * *
       The humanity needs desperately a morally progressive political force, such as the party of totalizm. Therefore it lies in your (the reader's) vital interest to join efforts towards the formation and implementation of the party of totalizm.

#E3. Proposals as to how fulfil legal requirements of establishing and running the "party of totalizm":

       In order to initiate the implementation of the program of action described in previous item #E2 of this web page, in subsequent items below are presented proposals how to solve various legal requirements of establishing the party. Here are these proposals:

#E4. The proposal of name and abbreviation for the "party of totalizm":

       Although hundreds of names can be invented for the political party that acts on moral principles of the philosophy of totalizm, probably the most beneficial is to call it simply the
"party of totalizm"
An abbreviation for the "party of totalizm" will be three first letters of the name "totalizm", namely tot.

#E5. The proposal of graphical symbol for the party of totalizm:

       As a graphical symbol for the party of totalizm is proposed the graphical symbol of the philosophy of totalizm, means the following "logo of totalizm":

Fig. #E1

Fig. #E1: The proposed graphical symbol for the party of totalizm, means the so-called "logo of totalizm".

#E5.1. "Totaliztic salute" for sympathizers of the philosophy of totalizm and for the "party of totalizm":

Motto: "People who share common ideas have also similar souls - thus they should acknowledge each other somehow."

       The party of totalizm adopted also its own form of totaliztic salute-greeting. It is an almost the same salute which practice military people - i.e. bringing fingers (or a side of hand) to our own temple. This salute automatically is adopted by members and sympathisers of totalizm.
       However, there are significant differences between the military salute and the totaliztic salute. The most vital of these is the meaning of it. Totalizts touch their temples with fingers or hand as a symbol and reminder for themselves and others, that in everything they do in the life they always are guided by logic, understanding, and by the course of moral field. (As we know, military people place their fingers to the hat, not to the temple - and only because they are ordered to do so, although for them it does NOT have any symbolic meaning.) This saluting similar to military one reminds also totalizts, that in fact they are also soldiers that fight for morality, free will, progress, totalizm, right to a reliable knowledge about God, the Earth free from a secretive occupation of UFOnauts, etc., etc. Furthermore, totalizts touch temples with their fingers in this salute from their own will - as a proof and reminder that God gave to people so-called :free will" as an opposite to enslaving and suppression, and that in the life we need to fight for maintaining and defence of this "free will" from these ones that try to deprive people of it and impose a slavery onto the humanity. In addition totalizts place their fingers by the temple in the "at ease" pose, means they do NOT need to stand in a "alerted" position during the salute, if they wish they can salute even when they sit, on a beech, in a bath, or even in a toilet, they are allowed to choose their own style and manner of holding hand or fingers, and even choose the hand with which they give the salute, they do NOT need to have a hat on their heads when giving the salute, nor even a clothing - they are allowed and should give it to a bare head and even when in pyjamas or in swimming costume, etc., etc.
       Herewith I am appealing to people who sympathise with ideas of totalizm or with the "party of totalizm" to gain a custom of giving the "totaliztic salute" at every opportunity they have. In this way they, amongst others, with contribute towards the promotion of totalizm and its moral ideas.
       In the army orders impose a must, that every salute must be returned. Totalizm, and with it also the totaliztic salute, are against such an enslaving - through the symbolic reminding with the gesture about the existence of the "free will". Therefore, in totalizm giving a salute is a politeness, not a duty. If the situation requires this (e.g. giving a salute would disclose us to enemies), the salute can be answered with a head movement, waving a hand, or other form of greeting which our free will prompts to us.

#E6. Proposal for a statute of the political "party of totalizm" - means the first vital document which the new party of totalizm should prapare by itself and then improve regularly:

Motto: "Reach where even the sight is not reaching."

       The statute of the party of totalizm is immensely important document for a whole array of reasons. For example, this statute is to define the activities of the party. In turn on these activities is going to depend successes and defeats of the party. On the moral content, social and political attractiveness, and clarity of this statute, will also depend the calibre of people whom the party of totalizm is going to attract into its ranges. In turn, the more valuable people the party manages to attract, the more effective its actions will be and the more influence it is to exert on the fate of nation. Therefore, it is extremely vital that the statute is worked out as thoroughly as possible. In turn the improvement of the level of perfection of it imposes a requirement that it needs to be consulted widely, and that a possibly widest circle of people have an influence on the improvement of it. Therefore, I am presenting here an initial proposal of the statute of the party of totalizm, and invite everyone to add his or her personal contribution to the fine tuning and perfecting it. The adding this contribution is simple. It is enough that the reader reads carefully this statute, and simultaneously prepares an email addressed to me during the reading (my email addresses are provided on the separate web page about the author (dr Jan Pajak)). In this email the reader indicates all items of the statute that induce his or her reservations, and also suggests proposals how to improve these items. (To every item I would suggest to add a brief justification, which would explain why it is suggested and in what manner the statute is to benefit through the introduction of it.) If this amendment and justification are convincing, while the improvement logical and sound, I am going to introduce it and place in the Internet for a further consultation and improvement. Of course, the suggestions of amendments can be of all possible kinds, starting from the improvement of the language in which the statute was written, through the verification of its coincidence with principles and goals of totalizm, and finishing on the improvement of its agreeability with laws that currently are in power.
       In spite of its importance, as every written document the statute can also be formulated on the unlimited number of different manners. After all it uses a written language, while we know that in a given language every idea can be expressed in many different ways. Therefore in the proposal of the statute listed below we should clearly distinguish two components of it, namely: (a) the voluminous component that includes §7 to §25, which is to be defined relatively similar in a statute of practically every political party - because it defines how a given party is functioning, and (b) the small component including §1 to §6, which imposes the ideology of totalizm on the activities of the party defined by this statute. We should realise here that on the present stage of the formation of the "party of totalizm" part (a) of the statute is NOT as important as part (b). Thus part (a) initially can have almost any formulation - and thus from the point of view of its agreeability with totalizm it can be fine tuned later in the course of action of a given party of totalizm. This in turn allows that the "party of totalizm" can be formed, amongst others, on any out of manners described in items #E7.2 or #E7.3 of this web page - inheriting in that way the majority of the statute of the party from which it is to originate. Only the part (b), means the part of the statute expressed below in §1 to §6, must be formulated in the spirit of totalizm already from the very beginning. Of course, this formulation can be expressed in different words than words used in the proposal below. Especially from the very beginning the statute of the "party of totalizm" must include totaliztic principles of acting, e.g. "doing everything exclusively in the pedantically moral manner", promotion of truths, morality, progress and peace, awareness of the need to continually perfect ourselves, etc., etc. Otherwise from the very beginning the "party of totalizm" is going to enter the path of wrong principles of action.
       During reading and verification of the proposal of statute provided below please take under the account that: (a) this is just an initial proposal which amongst others is awaiting your own contribution for the final fine tuning and perfecting, (b) future 'members-organisers" of the "party of totalizm" still need to confirm details of this statute, thus details listed below still can be changed later, and that (c) "even the longest journey begins from the first step", this web page is just such a "first step" for the future political party of totalizm. So here is the proposal of the statute for this party, for your consideration, suggestion of amendments, and adding your own contribution in the development and final version of it.
       The initial project of the statute for the political "party of totalizm" discussed here readers can view if they click on the following link which opens a separate web page named Then a formulatiuon of this statute is to appear in a new window that is to open for them. But please notice, that this initial project of statute is only to initiate discussions and work on the actual statute of that party, while the final formulation of this statute should be carried out through the consultation with all members of that party.

#E7. Gathering of at least 1000 members-organisers and the formal registration of the "party of totalizm":

       The most critical problem of formulation of the political "party of totalizm" is gathering this first thousand of members-organisers, and later formal registration of the "poarty of totalizm". The solution for this problem can be obtained on three different manners. Let us discuss now each of these manners in a separate item below.

#E7.1. The convincing of at least 1000 amongst non-party members who practice totalizm to organise themselves and to establish a new party:

       Apparently a most simple manner of forming the political "party of totalizm" would be if amongst the body of already existing practitioners of the philosophy of totalizm emerged first at least 1000 non-party members prepared to establish a new political party. Unfortunately, after a thorough analysis this apparently most simple manner turns out to be the most difficult. Let us remind here several more vital reasons for which this manner of establishing the "party of totalizm" is so difficult to implement:
       1. The lack of organisational experience. Non-party members do NOT have experience connected with membership to any party nor with active participation on activities of some larger organisation. In turn this lack of organisational experience makes difficult, if not completely impossible, their organising into a political party.
       2. Psychological resistence. Many people on the bottom of their sould rebels against a kind of life and morality that typical politicians display. In turn this rebelion induces in them psychological resistance against being included into the body of active members of any political party. After all, in present times into jobs of typical politicians are almost written such attributes as the lying in public, misleading, not keeping promisses, intrigues, creation of difficulties, making mountains out of molehills, etc., etc. On the other hand people who practice totalizm try to do everything on their lives ion a pedantically moral manner. Of course, one aim of the formation of the party of totalizm is to eliminate from politics these negative attributes and behaviours. But those who practice totalizm do not want to risk even an intial being included into this category of immoral people.
       3. Charakteristic of practitioners of totalizm. Totalizm attracts to itself people who are highly moral and exceptionally humble. In turn such people do NOT have ambition to become members of any political party, even if this is the party of totalizm that they practice.
       4. Tradition. Non-party members remain non-members because they adopted a tradition of staying neutral. Thus in spite that there is increasinly larger body of practiitioners of totalizm, a majority of these practitioners is not ready to break their tradition.
       In the result, as so far only a very small group of practitioners of totalizm see the need to establish the political party of totalizm and would be prepared to perform active functions of first members-organisers. Unfortunately, this group is too small to establish a new party.

#E7.2. The conversion of a political party already in existence with similar to tatalizm goals and statute, to become the "party of totalizm", with the simultaneous adjustement of the key items of its statute towards totalizm:

       Another principle on which a political "party of totalizm" could be created depends on the renaming into the name "party of totalizm" any amongst already existing political parties. After all, in almost every country, in this number also in Poland, there are various small political parties, the goals and methods of which are close to the goals and methods of action developped by the philosophy of totalizm. Only that these parties do NOT have behind them a structured ideology of the same perfected form as have the philosophy of totalizm. So in the interest of such parties actually lies the acquiring for themselves the ideological skeleton of the form provided by the philosophy of totalizm. In order this skeleton is acquired, it would be enough to rename them into the name "party of totalizm", and to introduce to their statute several key points which express the goals and methods of action adopted from the philosophy of totalizm, as well as to adopt totalizm as their party philosophy.
       It is worth to add, that in a significant number of countries subsequent political parties relatively frequent change their names, improve their statute, and perfect their philosophical foundations. Thus the "party of totalizm" could actually be formed as an outcome of such a change and improvement.

#E7.3. The formation of the "party of totalizm" from a breakout fraction of a larger political party:

       When watching party lives in present world, we frequently notice that various fractions of members of some parties cease to be happy with the direction their party takes. Thus such fractions form breakouts which later act as separate political parties. So in case when in an already existing party a such breakout appeared, while the fraction of members of that party displayed the inclination towards accepting as their own the goals, methods, and philosophical foundations of totalizm, then the "party of totalizm" could be established just from that breakout fraction of members of a different party.

Part #F: The function of totalizm as a more happy alternative to the already existing ideologies:


#F1. What conclusions can be derived from the analysis of ideologies, governments, and political systems already in existence on the Earth:

       As the reader probably is aware, aty the moment there are implemented and in power as many as two main ideologies, namely capitalism and communism. It turns out, however, that none of these ideologies gives to people what they desire the most, namely the "happiness". Let us summarise now briefly what it is so.
       1. Capitalism. This ideology is implemented in tens of different versions, governments, and political systems. But in all of them the chief goal of capitalism is the maximisation of profit. Unfortunately, the only tool known to people which allows this maximisation of profit, is the exploitation. Therefore, the chase of profit always occurs at the cost of the care for people and the care for nature. In the result, capitalism always leads to division between interests of people who accumulate profits, and the good of people who generate these profits. Furthermore, the exploitation of one group of people by others, always induces various problems of a moral nature. So in order to silence the conscience, capitalism invented this "watering down the repsonsibility" by taking all decisions by group committees and governing bodies. In turn the lack of someone's personal reponsibility for decisions and actions leads to the inability of capitalism to prevent the catastrophe of a complete anihilation of the humanity which is foretold by old prophecies and described in "part #H" of the web page prophecies.htm. The above reveals that capitalism is an extremely destructive political system which always leads to a whole array of problems which decrease the happiness of individual people that live under its rules. Examples of the most burning out of these problems include: unemployment, exploitation, inflation, addictions, crime, homelessness, social injustice, social divisions, deepening of the gap between rich and poor, wars, discriminations, economic and energy crisis, disappearance of natural resources, pollution of natural environment, extinction of animals, climate warming, etc., etc. In turn an example of how the lack of someone's personal responsibility makes capitalism unable to prevent cyclical disasters is the world's economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. In the result, capitalism rarely makes happy even these most rich from its citizens.
       2. Communism. Although it is believed that communism is already at the path towards the disappearance, still there is several countries which practice this ideology. Furthermore, in many former communistic countries the ideology of communism still is relatively alive and well remembered. Goals of communism are very difficult to define. After all, this ideology itself rarely defines what its actual goals are. But if one takes under consideration the historic evolution of communism, then the main goal of it can be defined as the maximisation of employment. After all, this goal is expressed by the leading slogan of communism, that "from everyone according to his or her capabilities, to everypone according to his or her needs". Furthermore, just the "maximisation of employment" is supported by the historically documented customs and behaviours of the existing comministic countries, such as: the maintainance of a full employment, salaries which suffice just for the upkeeping of a single person thus which force practically everyone to the work for income, implementation of principles in life of the type "who does not work he or she does not eat", the formation of labour camps, continuous arrangements of so-called "social actions" (means public works carried out without any pay), attacking of neighbourly countries and merging them with own territory in ordert to maximise the numebr of people with whom could be maximised the employment, etc., etc. The ideology of communism also is unable to give happiness to people who live under it. After all, in spite of the maximisation of employment it is unable to satisfy other needs of its citizens. The reason is that in real life "needs" turn out to be more numerous than "capabilities" from the slogan "from everyone according to his or her capabilities, to everypone according to his or her needs". Furthermore, it is written permanently into communism that it must ignore laws of nature - in turn these laws always take revenge on all these whom ignered them. Thus people who live under comunism are troubled by unfulfilled needs and by nature and its laws - also loosing that way the chance for a happy life. Other problems of communism include: uncertainity of tomorrow, the lack of freedom of views and speaches, governmental propaganda, mechanisms of gaining power which do NOT prevent getting power by irresponsible and incompetent people, and many more. People who live in communism are happy only in extremely rare cases.
       If one analyses the situation, the primary life goal of every person is NOT the "maximisation of profit" nor the "maximisation of employment". In fact every person simply wants to "be happy" in his or her life. We should remind here that by popular expression "be happy" people typically understand the described in item #A3 access to all these life quantities searched for, which the philosophy of totalizm offers to these who continually increase their level of "moral energy", means the access to the sense of happiness, to satisfaction from life, to self-fulfillment, peace, etc., etc. Therefore independently from the both ideologies already in existence on the Earth, gradually grows the need for the creation of still another ideology and political system. This much needed ideology and political system could be called moral totalizm. The primary goal of the ideology of totalizm is the maximisation of happiness. It is for the creation of this alternative ideology of totalizm is needed the establishing of the "party of totalizm" described on this web page.

#F2. Goals and methods of the alternative ideology of totalizm which promises the life that is much happier than the one under ideologies already implemented on the Earth:

       Totalizm was developed as the philosophy of everyday life of individual people. This is because it concentrated on the development of such a recipe for everyday life, which would allow people that practice it to accomplish all these qualities most searched for, such as happiness, satisfaction from the life, peace of mind, self-fulfillment, etc., etc. As it turned out, recipes of totalizm for accomplishing these qualities of life in fact do work in practice. These recipes turned also out to be so simple and so effective, that their axction can easily be extended from individual people onto entire societies. In turn, when these recipes become goals of action of entire societies, then they being to be this new ideology which provides people with a happy alternative to ideologies already implemented on the Earth.
       From the point of view of its primary goal, the ideology of totalizm very clearly defines this goal, namely it is the maximisation of happiness of people. Because the philosophy of totalizm established the direct relationship between the feeling of happiness and the level of someone's so-called "moral energy", this primary goal can be simply redefined into a method of action. Namely the method of "maximisation of happiness" is in the ideology of totalizm the concentration on the generation of moral energy and avoiding the dissipation of moral energy. Therefore the ideology of totalizm must concentrate itself on undertaking actions and on implementing them in such a manner that these generate in people possibly the highest amounts of moral energy. Simultaneously it must eliminate actions and methods which cause the dissipation of moral energy.
       The philosophy of totalizm provides also a very precise information about manners with the use of which can be accomplished the maximisation of energy being generated and the minimisation of the energy being dissipated. These manners include, amongst others: "doing everything in a pedantically moral manner", "work for the good of other people", "promotion of truth", and several others.
       It is obvious that the maximisation of happiness can be accomplished by the party of totalizm only if this party is to implement everything that already proved its advantages in the service for humanity, and it simultaneously is to eliminate everything that is detrimental for people and for the nature. Therefore the party of totalizm will NOT try to invent a completely new political system. It rather will concentrate on the improvement of the existing systems and implementing in the real life everything what was the best in already working previously systems of capitalism and communism, while simultaneously avoiding repetition of mistakes and deviations of these old systems. For example, the party of totalizm will NOT try to break laws of nature through the promotion of common ownership over a private ownership. After all, an old and widely known Chinese proverbs confirm the old truth that "a boat that is owned by more than one person will leak, in turn a horse that is owned by more than one person is eventually going to die of hunger". Therefore, for example in the area of ownership the party of totalizm is going to promote the principle that "every institution and every organisation must have its owner, whom always must be an individual (one) person that can be taken to responsibility for actions and for the fate of that institution, and that the owner of that institution is always fully responsible for everything that happens in this institution - but also have legal power to shape this institution as he only wishes". But simultaneously the party of totalizm will so regulate the activities and lives of these privately owned institutions that they maximally serve the good of people and the nature. For example, it will define highest and lowest salaries, will define what, where and how this institution can exploit, etc., etc.

#F3. The maximisation of happiness turns out to be the goal that is the most difficult to accomplish out of all goals that one can post for a country and government:

       Out of goals posted themselves by the already existing ideologies, a most easily accomplishable turns out to be the "maximisation of profit" practiced by capitalism. After all, a profit can be increased on thousands of different ways, means not only through a honest, sincere, and efficient work, but also e.g. through exploitation, cheeting, robbery, speculations, monopoles, secretive pacts, currency and bank manipulations, etc., etc. Much more difficult to accomplish turns out to be the "maximisation of employment" practiced by communism. After all, the process of giving employment to people creates much less opportunities for immoral activities than the process of accumulation of profit. Unfortunately, when everyone has an employment, people loose e.g. motivation to work efficiently and to take care for the outcomes of their work. This in turn leads to known problems of communism. This is why capitalism does NOT even try to post for itself the goal of "maximisation of employment". In turn communism as so far was unable to find a working recipe for "maximisation of employment" without a simultaneous breaking laws of nature, without breaking the free will of people, etc.
       As it turns out, out of all possible political goals the goal most difficult to accomplis is the maximisation of happiness. After all, if someone tries to make other people happy, then cannot cheet on them, rob them, exploit them, enslave them, etc. Everything that is done then must be extremely moral, pure, sincere, honest, far-sighting, and almost perfect. Otherwise it simply does NOT generate the happiness. It is because of the level of difficulty in accomplishing this goal that only totalizm had a courage so-far to post it for itself. From the point of view of the difficulty, this goal posted for itself by totalizm bits all possible records. In order to realise how difficult is to accomplish this totaliztic goal, it is enough to learn how low is tghe percent of citisens of any country who would be truly happy in present times. For example, in February 2008 there was a survey amongst New Zealanders for self-description of the level of their own happiness, while outcomes of this survey were published in the article "Key to happiness - get old and retire", from pages A1 and A3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, March 27, 2008. Results turned out to be so low, that they were not even published for the entire country, stating only that in comparison to previous years the trend in the entire country is downward. In the "most happy" town of the country, as "happy" described themselves 41.1% of the population (in the entire country was just one such a town). In turn in the "least happy" town as "happy" described themselves only 26.4% of population (in the entire country the majority were similar "unhappy" towns). So it looks like that in New Zealand as a whole as "happy" considers themselves olby around one-third of population. The rest considers themselves to be unhappy. Also the level of happiness displays the falling down trend. What even more interesting, as happy described themselves mainly old retired people. (This says a lot about conditions of work in a capitalistic system.) We must also remember that New Zealand still not long ago belonged to countries with the highest standard of living on the Earth. One may ponder with a fear about the level of happiness in countries where the standard of living was practically always very low.
       Incomporably easier is to spoil happiness for someone, than to increase it. After all, at the spoiling happiness have influence practically everything, for example: a lack of job, a kind of job, atmosphere of work, superiors, collegues, earnings, flat, family, friends, weather, environment, unpleasant smell of nearby factory of farm, loudly barking dog of neighbours, our own character, health, etc., etc. Thus accomplishing in a coutry the situation when every citizen obtains a chance for happiness, is exceptionally difficult. After all in order to make happy a majority of inhabitants of a given country, in this country must be eliminated completely a number of phenomena which spoil human happiness. Means eliminated must be listed at the beginning of this web page: unemployment, exploitation, inflation, addictions, crime, homelessness, social unjustice, deepening of the division between rich and poor, wars, discrimination, economic and energy crisises, running out of natural resources, pollution of natural environment, extinction of animals, warming out of the climate, etc., etc. In other words, through adopting the maximisation of happiness for its chief goal, the ideology of totalizm volunteers to solve and to eliminate all problems of capitalism and communism taken together. Apart from totalizmem, as so-far no one on the entire world assumed such a complex task. So it should NOT surprise, that when the "party of totalizm" described here finally is established, it is going to have a hugely diffucult task on hands, while the path of people to happiness will be long and thorny.
       Of course, the difficulties of accomplishing the goal "maximisation of happiness" should NOT discourage against posting it for ourselves, and against attempts to reach it. After all, if we do NOT post this goal clearly and openly for ourselves, then we never accomplish happiness. But if we once indicate openly that this is the major goal for ourselves, while the majority of people put their effort andf heart into accomplishing it, then this goal will be gradually accomplished.

#F4. Why the alternative ideology of totalizm can be implemented peacefully and from practically every system of government and every country:

       If we analyse the history, every previous ideology was implemented on the Earth with the use of a "revolution". After all, it was a kind of revolution when the slavery was abolished and feudalism was established. Definitively it was the revolution that transformed feudalism into capitalism. It was just because of the revolution that capitalism was transformed into communism. However, in spite of such a history, the conversion to the ideology of totalizm does NOT require a revolution in the physical sense. This is because totalizm is to come in every case when in any ideology and in any political system, governments and citizens embrance the most important principles of totalizm in their thinking and action. Means when (1) everything that these governments and people are to do, will be done in a pedantically moral manner, and also when (2) all their actions these governments and people will direct towards the maximisation of generation of moral energy. Totalizm does NOT depend on replacing one system or gevernment by another system or gevernment, but on continuation of doing whatever a given system and government are doing from the very beginning - only that doing this in a pedantically moral, inteligent, and far-sighted manner.

#F5. Mysteries of the "upper limit" of happiness:

       Happiness is an unique kind of feelings. It does NOT exist any other kind of human feelings that would be similar to happiness. Whatever other feelings we would take under account, we do not have in them the intuitive sense where the "upper limit" of this feeling lies. If for example we consider a sadness or pain, when we experience them we only know that we are sad or in pain. But we are unable to determine in what point on the entire scale of sadness or pain we are in a given moment of time. This is because we do not have an intuitive knowledge where is the "upper limit" of sadness or pain. But with happiness is different. In every moment of time we are able to declare relatively accurate position on the scale of happiness in which we just are. As it turns out, every person has a build in intuitive knowledge where lies the "upper limit" of feeling happy. Therefore, if we ask anyone "how you would describe your own happiness in the scale e.g. from 0 to 10?", everyone is able to unambiguously determine own current position on this scale.
       Our intuitive knowledge of the scale and the "upper limit" is not the only extraordinary feature of happiness. Another such a feature is that it represents a quality of life which is the most searched for by all people. We all want to be happy in our lives. The philosophy of totalizm states that these extraordinary characteristics of happinees are not just a coincidence. According to totalizm God intentionally designed that way the experincing of happiness, because this feeling is to perform a very special function in people. Namely, in highly-advanced societies the feeling of happiness is to assume the function which in present times is performed by money. More on this subject is explained in item #H1 from the further part of this web page, and also on the separate web page about the phenomenon of nirvana.
       Still another extraordinary feature of the feeling of happiness, is that above its "upper limit" - which everyone of us is recognising, there are further states of happiness. But their existence is NOT revealed by our intuition. These hidden from ordinary people superior states of happiness, are called nirvana. From the point of view of the intensity of experiencing happiness, there is at least the same number of these states of nirvana, as is the states of happiness that are recognised by our intuition. Thus, if we acknowledge the existence of these hidden from our intuition states of nirvana, then in the scale from 0 to 10, some people (very special ones) may accomplish the level of happiness whioch could be described by the number 20, or even by a higher number. Of course, there are very important reasons for which God build into us the capability to accomplish nirvana, and why God hides the existence of nirvana from our intuition. But this web page is no place for explaining them. The onbly thing that is worth mentioning here, is that the existence of nirvana is NOT a condition of survival, and thus it could NOT be caused by a natural evolution. So nirvana is another amongst these phenomena described in items #F1 and #F2 of the web page biblia.htm - about the Bible authorised by God himself, the existence of which is a proof for the existence of God and for an intentional creation of humans by God.
       The above example of mysteries linked to the location of the "upper limit" in states of human happiness, realises to us several vital facts. For example, it reveals unambiguously that the feeling of happiness is not just another amongst dozens of phenomena of nature, but is something that was intentionally build into us by God to fulfill in us especially vital social functions. This is why the selection of the maximisation of happiness for the chief goal of the ideology of totalizm described here, have its justification in the existing principles of action and laws of the universe. Furthermore, this example reveals also that it is about the time to lift our knowledge about the phenomenon of happiness. This is because it is impossible to accomplish a full happiness in our lives, if almost nothing we know on this subject. After all, the same as this is the case in all other matters, in order to be happy in our lives, we need to work for our happiness in an intentional and skillful manner. We should NOT leave the accomplishing of happiness just to a coincident. The failing to earn the happiness in an intentional manner and awaiting until this happiness finds us just by a coincidence, is like failing to work for income and awaiting until funds for our upkeeping find us in the result of e.g. a lottery.
       Of course, for as long as we do NOT form the party of totalizm which would turn the earning happiness into the main goal, the intentional earning of happiness will be just a domain of some hobbyists. So in order the entire society begins to be happy in an intentional manner, we must implement of the ideology, in which happiness is earned intentionally, and we must create an organisation (political party) which is to take the responsibility for a practical implementation of this ideology.

#F6. Why the practical implementation of the ideology of maximisation of happiness is the prerequisite of defeating the death and the long-term access to living forever in the state of "everlasting happiness":

       Human knowledge continually increases. So one day a time is to arrive, when people accomplish the access to time vehicles and to a possibility of extending their lives infinitively through shifting back in time to years of their youth. After all, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity teaches us that time is simply a discrete (jumping) flow of execution control through the program of our life. Thus time can be shifted back with the use of technical devices called Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation. The "theory of everything" indicates even to us an easy for checking by every person practical proof that time is really flowing in short jumps (and thus that time vehicles can be build). This proof is the phenomenon of apparent change in direction of rotation in object that spin fast and that are watched by naked eye in daylight. (The phenomenon is described in item #A1 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, travelling in time, and time vehicles, as well as in item #D2 of the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God.) Due to knowledge that results from this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the construction of time vehicles is so easy, that if - instead of persecuting me, other people would help me already since the first moment when in 1985 I discovered how time really works, then until today I would already build time vehicles. In turn the actual construction of time vehicles would allow humans to gain access to the version of everlasting life which is called the "imprisoned immortality". This is because such imprisoned immortality depends on repetitive shifting time back to years of our youth each time after we reach an old age. When time vehicles and the possibility of so-called "imprisoned immortality" finally arrive to us, the most vital factor becomes then the level of happiness of these people who are shifted back in time. If the life of someone who is just unhappy is extended in this manner, then the level of his or her unhappiness is only going to increase. Therefore, in the long-term planning of the future for our planet, the implementation in life the ideology of happiness is also an initial requirement (prerequisite) of the accomplishing by people the state of so-called "everlasting happiness" in conditions of infinitively long lives. (For more information on this subject see item #H1 of this web page, and also see the descriptions of the state of so-called "everlasting happiness" from item #E2 of the web page parasitism.htm - about the philosophy of parasitism and from item #F1 of the web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God.)

Part #G: Explanations how the political "party of totalizm" intends to implement the key ideas of the philosophy of totalizm:


#G1. Most urgent problems of the present world, and how the "party of totalizm" intends to solve these problems with different methods than these that are used by other ideologies and systems already in existence:

       As it was explained in item #F3 of this web page, in order to maximise the happiness not only the level of moral energy of the nation must be lifted up, but also must be eliminated these problems which for citizens are sources of the largest drop of happiness and the most significant dissipation of moral energy. Below are listed exaples which illustrates how the philosophy of totalizm suggests to solve at least these most burning problems of the present world.

#G2. The solution of the "party of totalizm" for the problem of lifting the level of happiness:

       The philosophy of totalizm have found a simple recipe for lifting the level of happiness in people. This recipe is already proven in action. It depends on lifting the level of "moral energy" in every person. Totalizm indicates also specific methods as to how this lifting of the level of moral energy is to be accomplished. One amongst these methods depends on doing everything in a pedantically moral manner. Other include placing truth above everything else, work for the good of other people, and several further methods. Thus on the very beginning after the formation of the "party of totalizm", for the lifting of the level of moral energy it is to suffice to use these methods already proven in action. Their outcome is to be a clearly visible lifting of the level of human happiness.

#G3. The solution of the "party of totalizm" for the problem of consistent, responsible, equal and friendly treatment of all citizens:

Motto: According to totalizm every nation has the right for its own country and its own independence, while every culture has the right for its own territorial enclave and its own autonomy and self-governing.

       If we look around carefully, then it becomes quite clear what is the source of the largest number of wars, deaths, suffering, harm, injustice, and immorality on the Earth. This source turns out to be the forcing of one races, nations, or cultures, to live under the rules of other races, nations, or cultures. In the result of centuries of colonisation, exploitation, land grabbing, and robbing of others from their living space, in present world we have many countries within which are forced to live together people that belong to many different races, nations, cultures, religions, etc. In the result many countries experiences the situations when one races, nations, or cultures, are forced to live under rules of other races, nations, or cultures. This in turn becomes a source of various problems such as racism, unequal treatment, exploitation, persecution, rebellions, partisans, civil wars, etc., etc. However, totalizm suggest a simple solution for these problems. Namely, according to totalizm every nation has the right for its own country and for independence, while every culture within a given nation have a right for its own territorial enclave and for self-ruling or for autonomy.
       This problem of the just, consistent, responsible, equal, and friendly treatment of all citizens is at the moment the most serious problem of our civilisation. As this is revealed by the development of the situation in countries which are ruled according to doctrines of the philosophy of parasitism, the inability of a practical solving this problem in fact splits apart these countries and causes in them the continuous growth of social injustice, ferment, feeling of persecution in citizens, racism, oppression, etc. In order to be aware of it it is enough to recall events from New Orleans (USA) during the attack of the Katrina hurricane. The source of this problem is the fact, that according to the philosophy of totalizm probably does NOT exist, while for sure it is unknown to present people, the solving for the "problem of justice in rewarding unequal". (This problem is described in subsection JD7.1 from volume 8 of monograph [1/4] on the example of a "justice in carrying a pack to a picnic", in the situation when a group of drastically different individuals goes for a picnic and tries to use justice in solving the problem who, and for how long, and along which path, should carry the heavy pack with food supplies.) In turn the present lack of the solution for the "problem of justice in rewarding unequal" brings very serious social consequences. Namely, it means that it is impossible to execute practically the based on justice rewarding of people with material goods, privileges, and duties, in any society that is composed of people which differ mutually between themselves by philosophy, culture, sectarian belongingness, race, etc.
       Let us explain the above on an example of Poland. According to this finding, even in so uniform country as Poland, still it is impossible to do the justice during rewarding material goods and social privileges for as long as long inhabitants of that country are composed of an unequal mixture that includes e.g.: (1) Poles who practice the Catholic religion, (2) Poles who practice the Moslem religion, (3) Jews of the Polish origin, (4) Poles who practice the Orthodox religion, (5) Jehovah Witnesses, (6) Polish Ukrainians, (7) Polish Latvians, etc., etc.
       In order to solve in a moral (injustice free) manner this problem of the "justice in rewarding unequal", and in order to simultaneously respect the totaliztic principle that "everyone has a right for own living space and for the non-abused cultivation of own culture and tradition", totalizm proposes quite a drastic move. Namely it suggests that the present parasitic "mixture of unequal people ruled centrally" is replaced by the totaliztic "union of self-ruling enclaves that group similar people". Let us explain this in other words. Totalizm intends to create conditions in which it becomes beneficial to group together people with similar philosophies, religions, cultural traditions, feeling of ethnical belonging, races, etc. This grouping will not be neither compulsory nor binding. Everyone will be able to visit any enclave, and also change his or her enclave with which is identified and identifies itself - if only his or her current philosophy, feeling of ethnical belonging, and tendencies, binds him or her to other enclave. In the result of such a grouping, instead of having e.g. the Poland which is ruled centrally and is composed of all these mixtures of people in which all philosophical and ethnic categories listed before under (1) to (7) live in the same territory and mutually compete or accuse of racism, unjust treatment, exploitation, corruption, etc., totalizm would create within the area of Poland several different enclaves. In each of these enclaves would voluntarily settle a different cultural, philosophical, or ethnic category. It would define its life in there on principles that it would like to have. It would form for itself (with the vigorous assistance from the central government) places of work and sources of income. Thus it would work and earn amongst own people and turn the competition for job and for income with people from different categories into the cooperation with own people. Every such an enclave would obtain various autonomy rights that would relate to its uniqueness. For example, it could establish its own dates of holidays and festivities, it could support and teach in schools its own language and own culture, it could develop its own gastronomy, eating traditions, fulfil requirements of halal and kosher, etc. In this way in Poland used here as an example, would be created different enclaves in which would live all these people from categories (1) to (7) above. Of course, territories of these enclaves would be proportional to the number of people that inhabits them. In present times of continuous movements of population, fast housing construction and good public transport, the justice and morality in formation of such enclaves would be accomplished without any difficulty. Simultaneously their formation would remove present social and ethnical problems. After all, then everyone would have the chance to live, work, and rest exclusively amongst people with whom he or she identifies the most. Also no-one would then be able to accuse these similar to him or her of a deprivation of income, exploitation, racism, lack of tolerance, or corruption. Simultaneously each of them would live in the same country, have the same rights and privileges, the same access to democracy and to power, economic capabilities, resources, facilities, education, health, identical chances and possibilities, etc. These enclaves would be designed and regulated with the idea to make easier, moral, and enriched the life of their inhabitants, NOT with the idea of byłyby też zaprojektowane i regulowane z myślą impose any limitations or rigours onto them. Also every participant of them would have the right to change the enclave in which he or she lives, if he or she would feel that his current family, marriage, history, or philosophy identify him or her with the characteristics of another such enclave, or simply if he or she would wish to experience a different than own culture, tradition, gastronomy, etc.
       It is worth to complement the above with the information, that totalizm does NOT recommends to establish separate enclaves nor issuing any privileges to social groups which roll downward of the moral field in the result of pursuing various temptations of the philosophy of parasitism, e.g. homosexuals, lesbians, other deviations, drug users, victims of addictions, etc. (described on the web page better humanity). Of course, in order to make easier for these unfortunate people to fight these temptations which paralyse them, and to return to climbing upwards in the moral field, totalizm recommends the formation of appropriate rehabilitation, healing, and disciplinary institutions.
       One needs clearly distinguish the cultural and philosophical enclaves described here, from various traditional institutions of the discipline grouping together people of a similar characteristics or working towards a similar goal, such as military camps, labour camps, disciplinary institutions, hospitals, quarantine areas, schools, etc., etc. Of course, in the interest of social discipline, safety, health, education, etc., totalizm recommends the continuation is support for the traditions of such discipline grouping of people.

#G4. "Energy-based model of economy" - means how the "party of totalizm" intends to solve the problem of improvement of economic situation and prosperity of the nation that implements it:

Motto: "Totalizm states that a given currency influences the economic situation of only these people who everyday sell for it their labour and purchase their daily bread. Therefore all transactions which we carry out in currencies other than our own, increase only the prosperity of other countries and other people."

       Do you know that all your transactions carried out in currencies which you do NOT use everyday increase the prosperity of some other nation while decrease the prosperity of your own nation? Do you know that in a very simple way profits of overseas factories can be utilised to increase the prosperity of your own country? Do you know that every dollar that you pay in your personal tax decreases the prosperity of your country by the value of around 5 dollars? Do you know that in order to push down humanity into as depressive economic situation as it is at present, the overwhelming majority of the strategic economic decisions which were made by politicians must run exactly opposite to the correct decisions which these politicians should make?
       All the above is worth to hear even just in order to understand that the philosophy of totalizm has an access to methods and to manners with which is would be able to effectively and fast improve the prosperity of your country. This philosophy bases all its findings on the so-called energy-based models. Means, everything that influences our life totalizm treats as a kind of physical "medium" which is capable to absorb, accumulate, and release appropriate energies. Thus in such "energy-based models" currencies are also only kinds of "media" which accumulate or release appropriate energies (e.g. human labour, purchasing power, devaluation, etc.). In order to explain this illustratively, currencies in economic mechanisms of any country fulfil exactly the same functions which "working media" fulfil in propulsion systems, means which e.g. "steam" fulfils in the mechanism of locomotive, while "hot gases" fulfil in the mechanism of our cars. Of course, in order you, your countrymen, or your entire nation, could retrieve the energy accumulated in currency, and in this way could lift your (or their) prosperity, it is necessary to use appropriate process for capturing the energy contained in a given "medium". In case of currencies this process is a "flow" (by economists called "transactions") - means firstly the selling of something to acquire currency for us (e.g. selling our own labour, products of our labour, natural resources that we have, etc.), then purchasing for this currencies something different (e.g. a car, a flat, furniture, etc.). Without organising such a "flow of energy" contained in currencies, it is NOT possible to lift someone's prosperity. Because normal people just such a "flow" are capable to implement only through the currency which they use everyday for selling their labour and for purchasing their daily bread, totalizm states authoritatively that our own prosperity can lift only transactions carried out with currencies which we use everyday (e.g. for citizens of Poland who use only Polish Zloty - only transactions in these Zlotys).
       The above indicates, that opposite to statements of present economists, opposite to present economic sciences, and opposite to beliefs of present politicians, totalizm via the use of such "energy-based model of economy" states that the economic situation of every person (or nation) is defined only by this currency which is used by a given person (or nation) for selling its (or their) labour and for purchasing its (or their) daily bread. Other currencies which also can be used by a given person, nation, or by owners of factories from a given country, do NOT influence at all the economic prosperity of this person or nation. In order to illustrate this on an example, let us assume hypothetically that we live in a country similar to New Zealand - means which has huge deposits of gold and vast pastures. Let us also assume that in that country a foreign capital build two investments, namely one factory of butter and one gold mine. Both these investments theoretically generate the same profit - thus they pay to a government of that country the same tax. This means that the government and politicians of that country are happy at the same level from both of these investments. But are citizens of that country really gaining the same from both these investments? Let us analyse this problem. In order to produce butter, the butter factory purchases milk from local farmers paying them in the local money. In turn these farmers for the money they receive purchase e.g. fodder for cows from other farmers, and shoes from shoe-makers. These ones still for the same money purchase something else, etc., etc., until finally someone purchases for this money the butter produced by the butter factory. In other words, this butter factory through purchasing milk from local farmers, purchasing labour from local workers, and selling its butter on the local market also for the local currency, induces a whole chain of transactions type selling-purchase carried out for the same money by various people thus lifting significantly the prosperity of these people. Only the profit of this factory is lost for locals, as it is converted onto other currency (e.g. onto dollars) and taken by overseas investors. So it can be stated that from the butter factory citizens of a given country obtain a whole range of benefits. In turn from the gold mine mainly gains the government of that country (e.g. through taxes). Only gain of the citizens of that country is the value of labour that they sell to the mine. After all, the mine does NOT pay for gold it mines - as the butter factory was paying for the milk, in spite that it causes the decrease the gold deposits in a given country (means in spite that it makes this country poorer). Also the entire production of this mine is sold overseas for currency other than local (e.g. for dollars), so that citizens of a given country do NOT have anything out of it (apart for the "Moon-like landscape" which this mine is going to leave behind).
       In order to not extend these deliberations, I am going to summarise now conclusions which totalizm derived from the analysis of examples such as the above with the use of the "energy-based model". The most important out of these conclusions states that (1) people and nations accomplish economic benefits only from these economic transactions which are completed in the currency that these people use every day for selling their labour and for purchasing their daily bread. In other words, if some overseas investors build a factory in a given country, the entire production of which is sold in other currency than this used in that country, then all benefits from this factory are going to people who use every day this other currency. This in turn means, that all transactions carried out in the world e.g. in American dollars benefit only citizens of America which use these dollars everyday. Similarly is with transactions in euro or in Australian dollars. On the findings of the above conclusion is based the first economic recommendation of totalizm which states that in order to improve instantly the economic situation of own citizens, every smaller country should start to use some widely utilised currency instead of its own national currency. This is because the everyday use of its own national currency significantly decreases the prosperity of that country. For example, Poland should begin to use euro as fast as it can, in turn New Zealand should start to use either the Australian dollar, or American dollar, or also euro. After all, when this other currency is introduced, then all transactions carried out in that currency are going to benefit also citizens of that small country. Another conclusion which totalizm draws from the analysis of examples similar to the above is that (2) every country can fast increase its prosperity just by a selective choice of most appropriate industry which operates on its territory. Means in order to really lift the prosperity of citizens of a given country, the industry from the area of that country must pay local people also for the resources used for the production, and in addition must sell its product in currency which a given country uses. So if for example this industry is a mine of gold or diamonds, then in order to actually lift upwards the prosperity of citizens of a given country it must pay not only taxes, but also price of raw gold or diamonds which it mines. Furthermore, this gold or diamonds must be sold in currency of that particular country. The third conclusion which totalizm draws from the analysis of examples similar to the above, states that (3) every personal tax taken from individual people decreases prosperity of all citizens of given country in the degree which is proportional to the average number of transaction type -sale-purchase that are completed in a single close cycle of the currency used everyday by people of that country. Let us explain here briefly the reason for this huge destructiveness of the individual taxes. Namely, every tax paid individually cuts off (decreases) the number of transactions type sale-purchase that are carried out in a close cycle of circulation of given currency. So if for example in the closed cycle of circulation of, let say, Polish zloty, the average number of transactions of the type sale-purchase equals to 5 (it typically amounts to 5 for many other currencies), then e.g. the individual payment of tax amounting to only 1 Polish zloty in fact decreases the economic prosperity in the entire country (Poland) by the value equal to as much as 5 Polish zloty. Therefore the recommendation of totalizm is such that in order to increase the prosperity of a given nation in a fast and effective way, individual taxes must be abolished and only taxes from institutions can be maintained. Of course, in order to abolish individual taxes, it may turn necessary to significantly decrease the size of government and the number of governmental bureaucrats, and perhaps even may turn to introduce alternative methods of gathering funds for government - e.g. by introducing the "governmental industry" or "governmental services".
       At this point it should be emphasized, that the above economic conclusions that totalizm draws from its "energy-based models" represent a kind of totaliztic economic laws. In turn the awareness of these laws indicates to us the specific ways and methods with the use of which totalizm is able to improve quite fast the economic situation of inhabitants of a given country.
       This item is NOT intended to make bored the readers with scientific presentations of the "energy-based model of economy". The main goal this item supposed to accomplish is to indicate specific recipes and strategies of action that totalizm developed in matters of economy and prosperity of given nation. This item also supposed to provide the description where these recipes of totalizm come from, and from which models totalizm is going to seek further solutions in cases if it receives a chance of influencing the matters of economy. Of course, the reader can by himself extend the information provided here by further findings. It is enough to analyse the "energy-based model" described here for conditions that the increase of prosperity of a given society is accomplished mainly by the so-called "maximisation of energy (e.g. maximisation of flows or transactions type sale-purchase) in every closed cycle of circulation of the currency that the population of given country uses everyday". Totalizm actively researches such models. After all, as everyone knows, the beneficial economic situation of people belongs to the most basic conditions that reassure the access of people to the personal happiness. But, otherwise to present science of economy, present economists, and politicians, which ignore the actual dependency of the prosperity from energy accumulated in currency used everyday, totalizm emphasizes that the economic situation of every intellect firstly depends on the energy (e.g. kind, use, situation, etc.) accumulated in currency that this intellect uses on everyday basis. After all, in eyes of totalizm every currency is just as a completely different "medium" which accumulates and releases its own energies. In turn citizens of a given country have NO access to processes which would allow them to release (for the increase of their own prosperity) energies carried out by currencies from completely different countries.

#G4.1. Totaliztic solving of difficult economic and social problems through self-regulatory principles and mechanisms:

       In the light of totalizm every country is simply a large organism, which instead of cells, tissues, and muscles, is composed of people, families, institutions, etc. In turn in the nature every organism is build on principles of "self-regulation". Therefore, according to totalizm the majority of problems of present countries and societies also can be resolved through the introduction of just such principles of self-regulation (instead of the present ruling and commands). Only that someone, e.g. totalizm, must introduce these principles to law and to the public life. Below I am providing several examples of these. But one should notice that these are just initial examples, that similar principles can be worked out for practically every problem, and that through applysing such principles of self-regulation totalizm is able to solve practically the majority of present social problems. Here are these examples:
       1. Redundancies always starting from these who earn the highest salaries. This principle of self-regulation would depend on issuing a law which would legally oblige all institutions (factories, workshops, offices, etc.) in a given country to carry out necessary redundancies in the order of the true amount of salaries, starting from employees with the factual highest salaries. Therefore every institution (or factory) which for some reasons would be forced to carry out redundancies of a specific number of its own employees, before doing this redundancy would be obliged to present authorities with the list of its employees in the order of their earnings, starting from employees with the highest earnings. (For these who earn identical amounts - in the reverse order of their employment dates.) Then the redundancy would be carried out in the order of that list. The only employees who would be exempted from redundancies - independently how much they earn, would be owners of a given institution - if they would be employed in it. (In the definition, an owner is everyone who owns at least 25% of assets of a given institution or factory.) It is worth to notice, that the mechanism of self-regulation described here would work through the motivation of the management (which always have the highest salaries) for the greatest responsibility for their decisions. After all, the success or fall down of every institution depends on the decisions of the management.
       2. Intake of clean always by the outlet of dirty. This principle would self-regulate the matter of pollution. For example, if a given institution would intake water from a nearby river, this intake would need to be located not further than 5 meters down stream from the outlet with sewage from this institution. (Thus such a factory would need to take care of its own river polluting.) If a given institution would intake the air for its production, this intake would need to be not further than 5 meters from the output of its exhaustion gases (i.e. outlet of chimneys). In the matter of decreasing the amount of rubbish, every citizen could have a duty on the rubbish dump, e.g. every year work certain hours on the rubbish dump, or at least accompanying own rubbish being taken to the dump (to see in person the impact rubbish have on the environment).
       3. The decrease of weekly hours to decrease the number of unemployed. Instead of allowing that in the country the number of unemployed increases above the unavoidable value, rather the number of weekly hours of work would be decreased in these who have the work (means the length of weekends or holidays would be increased). In turn due to this decrease the number of weekly hours of work, the need for more employed workers would increase, while simultaneously it would intensify the rest (and thus efficiency) of these workers who have a job.

#G5. The solution of the "party of totalizm" for the problem of extensive growth in size of government, bureaucracy, level of complication of laws, etc.:

       Totalizm developed many unique approaches for the solving problems that trouble currently our civilisation. Many amongst these approaches in the light of present life philosophy of people can be considered at least "controversial". Their example can be the fact that totalizm intends to drastically reduce the unproductive governmental spending (e.g. through the reduction of the government and replacement of the costly parliament by a small group of elective "representative advisers") and to direct funds saved that way into generation of goods and the growth of prosperity of the nation. Totalizm also intends to reduce and to improve laws and reform justice, amongst others through the introduction of so-called "object-oriented laws" described comprehensively on the web page better humanity, and also through making human laws more similar to so-called "moral laws". Simultaneously, the implementation such unique solutions is a duty of totalizm and only way of lifting the society from the present feeling of depression and accomplishing happiness. Therefore this part of the web page is to explain what are the most vital solution intended by totalizm, and to indicate the cannons of totalizm from which these solutions originate.

Fig. #G1

Fig. #G1: I wonder whether the reader manages to find on this photo all 6 STOP signs which stand at outlets of each street that converges onto this crossing. I took this photograph in such a manner that each of these 6 STOP signs is visible on it at least partially or at least from the rear side. One should notice the irony of placing 6 STOP signs on outlet from all 4 streets of an insignificant crossing for which, according to logic, would suffice to mark with STOP signs only outlets of two streets. For me the above photograph is highly symbolic. After all, it illustrates meaningfully how excessively is overregulated present life of people on Earth, and how many unnecessary bans and rules is imposed onto each one of us. Immoral politicians instead of governing and trying to make people's life easier, only pile up mountains of paper by generating millions of laws and rules which no-one have capability to learn in full. In the result, almost no area of life is left in which citizens would still have the free will and the right to make their own decisions.
       The above crossing of streets named William Street and High Street is located in a small suburb "Petone" from Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand. The traffic signs of this crossing intrigued me continually since I started to live near it in 2001. But the above photograph I took only in January 2007. For me personally it is highly symbolic. This is because it illustrates how present governing of adherers of the philosophy of parasitism makes the human life on Earth "over-stiffen" with avalanches of unnecessary, and frequently illogical, bans and rules, for the obeying of which people are then persecuted and punished by hostile "justice" system. So it is about time that the power in a country takes a party similar to the "party of totalizm" described here. Such a party would return to people the so-called "free will", which was given to us by God, but which was gradually eroded by immoral politicians.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

Part #H: Long-term goals and plans of the "party of totalizm":


#H1. What the political party which emerged from the philosophy of totalizm would like to do, and could do, in long term for the humanity:

Motto: "Our long term goal is to accomplish what other civilisations already have and enjoy, namely to reassure the immortal life in conditions of everlasting happiness for all inhabitants of the Earth."

       Do you know that you could defeat the death and live infinitively long. Do you know that in an appropriate moral climate and suitable social conditions the so called time vehicles. could be build on the Earth. Do you know that you can see with your own eyes the empirical proof that such time vehicles can actually be constructed - for details see item #F6 above. Do you known that since 1985 (when I discovered how time really works) until today, I would already build time vehicles - if other people would keep helping me instead of persecuting me and scoffing at my discoveries and inventions. In turn these time vehicles - when they are build, will be able to shift you back in time to years of your youth infinitive number of times. Because of this shifting you could relive your life again as frequently as you would wish. You would also be able to become young again for as long as you would only wish. Do you know that in such appropriate moral climate and suitable social conditions you could also accomplish the so-called nirvana every time you wish, and maintain this nirvana for the duration of the entire your life. In turn this nirvana would make you indescribably happy and fulfilled by your life. Because of this nirvana, and also because of time vehicles, you would be able to not only immortal and ever young, but you would also live in the state of so-called everlasting happiness. Unfortunately, in order to accomplish all this, an appropriate moral climate and social conditions which enhance the release of creative potential of people and direct this potential into the right direction, are necessary. Means that must then cease the present suppression of morality and creativity. On the other hand, bandit powers still exist and operate on Earth, which disallow the creation of this moral climate and undertaking this creative effort. These powers needs to be defeated. For this is necessary to create the political party of totalizm, which is to lead people in the required direction and which creates the required conditions of human development. This web page explains how to firstly organise this party, and then how to direct it correctly.
       Imagine that you live in the civilisation which eliminated death. It is because it uses technical devices which present people call time vehicles. Thus whenever any member of this civilisation feels old, he or she may use these time vehicles to shift back in time to years of his or her youth. Then he or she can relive again through his or her entire life. In the result, members of this civilisation accomplish the immortality. The can live infinitively long through shifting back their time infinitive number of times. So death ceases to exist for them. Imagine also that in this civilisation everyone is immensely happy. This is because members of this civilisation learned how to earn the so-called nirvana. Thus they continually maintain this state of nirvana for the duration of entire their lives. In the result, they not only live forever, but in addition they are also forever happy. Because the maintenance of nirvana requires from everyone to act pedantically moral, and to voluntarily work physically, everyone in this civilisation works voluntarily in a manner that is beneficial to others. In the result, this civilisation has abundance of every kinds of goods it needs. Everything in it is for free. So if someone wishes e.g. to fly to vacation in an exotic country, then he or she sits into a means of transport that he or she prefers, and that also is for free. Then he or she flies wherever wishes and stays over there for as long as wishes. Because everyone in this society behaves pedantically morally, no-one is stealing over there, or robs, or bits, etc. Everyone is nice and helps others as only can.
       The reader may think that the above description is an unrealistic utopia. However, actually it is the description of the society which is to exist after totalizm is commonly implemented. The actual accomplishing of everything that is described above is the primary goal of totalizm. In turn to implement this goal in real life, totalizm must establish its own political party. The task of this party will be to win political power from present adherers of the philosophy of parasitism and to implement the philosophy of totalizm in the real life.
       The primary goal of totalizm is to secure for every inhabitant of Earth the immortal life in conditions of everlasting happiness. Of course, this primary goal is a combination of a whole array of componential goals. Let us to list here the most vital out of these:
       (1) The accomplishing of nirvana by every citizen. Means, the creating of such moral climate, such social situation, such educational system, and such system of encouragements and methods of action, that every citizen included into the sphere of influences of the party of totalizm accomplished nirvana and maintained this nirvana for the duration of the entire life. In turn maintaining the nirvana by everyone will cause, that every citizen will be continually happy - as this is explained in details on the web page about nirvana.
       (2) The building of time vehicles. Means, the creating of such intellectual and creative climate, such educational system, and such system of encouragements, methods of action, and institutions supporting the common creativity and inventiveness, that every citizen separately and the entire society included into the sphere of influences of the party of totalizm, would strive along a shortest path to master increasingly futuristic technologies which would directly lead to the building of time vehicles.
       (3) The replacement of forced labour for voluntary labour. Means, such transformation of present society which is based on forced physical labour through money and other forms of pressure, into the society that is going to work voluntarily in order to accomplish the "ultimate reward" in the form of nirvana. (For more information about such voluntary labour see next item #H2 below, and also the separate web page about nirvana.)
       (4) The elimination of all social evil. Means shaping such a moral climate, system of justice, and educational system, which eliminates completely all social evil. Means that eliminates completely crimes, drinking, addictions, discourtesy, rudeness, unhelpfulness, illnesses, etc. (It is worth to notice here, that the complete elimination of social evils is one amongst many natural "by products" of accomplishing nirvana by all members of a given society.)

#H2. How the philosophy of totalizm intends to accomplish its long term goals:

Motto: Money motivate by forcing people to work. Nirvana motivates people to work voluntary. Let us replace money with much better nirvana.

       Theoretically speaking the path for accomplishing long term goals of totalizm described in item #H1 above is simple. It is enough that after the winning political power by the party of totalizm, this party causes that the society begins to earn widely the state of totaliztic nirvana which is described more comprehensively on a separate web page. This is because when someone accomplishes the first time the state of nirvana, he or she is later going to try to maintain it for the entire life, or to accomplish it again in case he or she looses it. After all, nirvana gives to people who accomplished it such high level of happiness and pleasure, that it cannot be even described. In addition nirvana is highly infectious. When someone accomplishes it, then all people in the surrounding of this person also want to earn and taste it. In turn nirvana has this attribute, that in order to earn it, one needs to act pedantically morally, needs to work for the good of others, and needs to cease demanding of payment for the labour. In the result, in the society in which everyone maintains the state of continuous nirvana forcing to work by paying salary is unnecessary. After all, everyone works over there voluntarily, mainly in order to earn the nirvana. . So nirvana is able to replace present salary for labour, and thus completely eliminate money from the society. In addition nirvana unleashes creativity in people, changes human characters giving them attributes which are the most desirable in societies, eliminates social subdivisions, gives justice, etc., etc. Thus the common implementation of nirvana in everyday life will lead to the formation of an ideal society which is described in item #H1 of this web page.
       Unfortunately, the practical path for accomplishing goals described in item #H1 above will be difficult. After all, the resistance of many people who believe that the present system based on robbery of resources and goods from weaker and on forcing labour with the money, is the best for them. Therefore, in order to overcome the resistance of these people the winning of political power by the party of totalizm will firstly be necessary. But totalizm does not recognise the use of force nor dirty games - so the winning the political power will be even more difficult for it. Then, after the power is won, this party needs to change the present functioning of the society that is based on forcing physical labour from people with the use of money, into the planned by totalizm futuristic functioning which will be based on voluntary labour carried out by everyone mainly in order to earn the state of nirvana and to maintain this state for the duration of entire lifetime. In the above process the most difficult and most critical will be three phases. Namely, (1) the formation of the party of totalizm, (2) the winning of political power by this party over some country, and (3) the transformation of present system of forced labour for payment into the system of voluntary labour for nirvana. Phases (1) and (2) are elaborated in further parts of this web page. Therefore, for the information of the reader I am going to repeat here the brief explanation originally provided in item #D1 from a separate web page about totaliztic nirvana, which illustrates how totalizm intends to implement this phase (3).
* * *
       Let us assume that one day the political party of totalizm wins elections e.g. in Poland. Because the party is aware of the importance of the phenomenon of "nirvana" for the happiness and for the fulfilled life of the entire society, one of the first schema of this party after winning the election would be that the government would propose an unique kind of "contract for nirvana" to all people with moral habits, who are employed in nirvana-inclined kinds of jobs. These "nirvana-inclined jobs" are all ones which are allowing people who work in these jobs to earn nirvana just through carrying out their professional duties. (To the group of such nirvana-inclined jobs belong, amongst others, jobs of farmers, gardeners, millers, bakers, cooks, waitresses, nurses, brick layers, miners, metallurgists, machine operators, assemblers, etc. - means all jobs the major part of which is heavy physical work, although which also contain a requirement of intellectual and moral contribution, and which generate products that are sought by all people.) Namely, within the scope of this "contract for nirvana", the political party of totalizm would propose to people who have required moral inclination and who work in these nirvana-inclined jobs, that for one year they would receive from the government everything that is necessary to do their job and to lead a fulfilled life, and that during this time they will be released from all payments towards anything (means from taxes, cash purchases, etc.). But in return they will earn the nirvana for themselves during this year of time. Because earning the nirvana requires altruistic carrying out heavy physical work which is fully oriented towards the good of other people, these participants of the "contract for nirvana" would do their jobs for the duration of a year without getting any payment, means completely for free and exclusively for the good and benefit of other people. Furthermore, all products of their work would be given away, also for free, to indicated people or institutions, which would process them further also without any payment. In turn these amongst such people, who after a year of time would actually prove heaving the totaliztic nirvana, with their agreement the contract would be extended for another year.
       Let us now consider what would be consequences of the above action. For example, these farmers and gardeners who would sign this "contract for nirvana" would work for free. In turn all products that they would harvest would be passed for free to millers who also signed this contract. These millers would produce flour for free, which would be then passed for free to bakers who also signed this contract. These bakers in turn, after getting the free flour, would bake bread - also for free. The bread would be passed for free not only to these farmers, millers and bakers who produced it, but also to miners, smelter workers, metal turners, assemblers, etc., who also signed this "contract for nirvana". In the result all these other people would produce machines, tractors, cars, and airplanes, also without the use of money - only to generate nirvana for themselves while working on their jobs. When machines, cars, and airplanes would be available for free, then everyone could use them also for free whenever he or she would wish so. In the result, starting from these nirvana-inclined jobs, after a short time everything in a given society would be for free. After all, even if for producing something components would be needed which must be bought for money, these components would be financed by the government. In turn this government would acquire its finances from export, tourism, international trade, etc. In addition, all these products generated for free would be a highest quality that is possible in given conditions. After all, having all basic components for free, and trying to put into the work as much effort and heart as possible in order to accomplish the nirvana, producers of these goods would try to generate models of best quality possible, which are most developed technically and requiring the highest contribution of human labour. What even more vital, all people would rapidly find an employment which they would like the most. After all, budgets and limits of employment would then stop to apply. The work of everyone for free would always be accepted with the highest gratitude and would serve to good of the entire society.
       When someone earns the nirvana for once, he or she wants to maintain it forever. Furthermore, nirvana is very infectious. After all, when someone learns how magnificent influence the nirvana exerts on these ones who earned it, immediately wants to also experience it by himself or herself. So when with the schema described above the political party of totalizm introduces the tradition of earning nirvana by people, this tradition starts spreading increasingly wider until soon envelops all members of a given society. In turn when the nirvana encompasses all people, then rapidly the society discovers that is completely transformed into the society which lives on totaliztic principles.
       The most difficult aspect of the above schema of transformation between the present system of labour forced by money, and future system of voluntary labour rewarded with nirvana, would be the cooperation between both these systems. After all, in the so-called "changeover period" both these systems would need to exists and operate in parallel within the same country. Means, there would need to exist and to operate institutions in which people would work for money, and also separate institutions and organisations in which people would work just for nirvana. Because the amount of goods generated in such a country through nirvana would increase with the elapse of time, while the amount of goods generated through paid labour would decrease, there would also need to exist a manner with the use of which the wealth and products could flow from the part of the society which was rewarded with nirvana, to a part of the society paid with money. These flow would be accomplished through specially formed for this purpose centres of goods transfer. These would include institutions the services of which would increase the wealth of both group of the society, such as public transport, hotels, restaurants, etc. For an example of principle of operation of these centres could serve the functions performed by a chain of public restaurants run by people that are rewarded with nirvana. To these restaurants goods would flow from farmers, gardeners, and bakers rewarded with nirvana. Over there these goods would be transformed by cooks rewarded with nirvana into highly tasty meals, which would be also scientifically balanced from the content point of view. Then these meals would be served to clients by waitresses - also working for nirvana. But for the use these restaurants would be invited all members of the society who would feel hungry. In this number also people who would still work for money. Because these on paid jobs would obtain food for free in such restaurants, increasingly larger proportion of their salaries they could designate into the purchase of other goods that they would need. In this way the labour rewarded with nirvana would increase the prosperity of the entire nation, not just these people who would work for nirvana. In addition it would increase the health of entire nation. After all, meals in these restaurants would be not only highly healthy and tasty, but also would eliminate fridges and preparation of meals from the private homes. In turn these are the main reason for the obesity in a significant proportion of present people. Of course, with the elapse of time the number of people working for nirvana would gradually increase, until at some stage the entire given country would work exclusively for nirvana. At this moment the "changeover period" would finish, while the society fully totaliztic would be born.
       The totaliztic society will be organised and operate on completely different principles than the present one. Differences will NOT boil down to just a complete elimination of money and elimination of the labour forced from people with this money, nor to just replacing money with nirvana while forced labour replacing with voluntary labour. In fact vital differences appear in everything. For example, all people will rapidly gain jobs and work, will have all goods required, and will have a deep sense for their lives. There will be no unemployed people, nor benefits, nor salaries. Everything in such a country becomes available for free to everyone. Numerous "invention centres" become organised, in which every citizen will obtain professional support, materials, and prototyping power to develop over there his or her own improvements and inventions. In the result, the creative potential of the nation rapidly becomes released to benefit everyone. Furthermore, special research and development centres become created, the major goal of which will be to develop futuristic technologies of the kind of telekinetic cells, telepathic projectors, Oscillatory Chambers, Magnocrafts, time vehicles, etc. Also all people will be equal. There will be no subdivision into e.g. office workers and physical labourers - all will be contributing both these kinds of work for the good of their society. Because the nirvana perfects human character, personality, and behaviour, people become extremely nice to each other. All social evils will disappear. So there will be no drug additions, drinking problems, crime, biting, etc. Everyone will be safe. All will help each other and will be extremely nice to each other. The jealousy and material differences will disappear, Everyone will be allowed to use whatever wishes from goods available to the entire society. Everyone will also be indescribably happy. The life in such a country becomes for all a single string of "everlasting happiness".

#H3. Further reasons why we need a "political party of totalizm":

Motto: A defeat of these ones who tried hard, deserves a respect, memory, sorrow, forgiveness, and also a repetition of their attempts and efforts, but with different methods. A defeat of these ones who did not undertake any attempt, does not deserve even noticing the existence of it.

       Although the primary goal of totalizm described above is the most vital reason why the formation of the political party of totalizm is needed, independent of this one there are also further vital goals. Let us try to explain briefly also these further reasons why we all desperately need a "political party of totalizm". One of these is, that the existence of such a party is the only way for forcing politicians to act consistently according to the voice of conscience and the content of so-called moral laws. In turn forcing politicians to always act according to the voice of conscience, is the only way to accomplish all goals of totalizm, means to open for all people an access to the qualities of life most sought for, means to make a happier and a better life for all people, to provide prosperity and happiness to ordinary people, to spread morality, order, and peace throughout the Earth, to give a work and decent conditions of living to everyone, etc. Of course, the above explanation immediately raises another question, namely "why only the actions consistently agreeable with the voice of conscience and with the content of moral laws allow to open for all people the access to these qualities of life so searched for. In the extensive manner the answer to this question provides the philosophy named totalizm. One can find it in the textbook of totalizm, means in volumes 6 to 9, and also 4 and 5, of the scientific monograph marked [1/4]. Below I will try to summarise this answer. But I would like to warn, that during every summarising the vital explanations and evidence are replaced by mental short cuts. In turn such short cuts make shallower our understanding of the more vital aspects. Sometimes short cuts cause that explanations begin to sound naively, or in a manner that lacks a justification. Therefore, if someone develops doubts during reading the summary provided below, I would rather suggest to read a full description of the philosophy of totalizm provided in volumes 6 to 9 of the monograph [1/4], than hastily judge highly complex matters just on the basis of a summary, while in the complete presentation these matters are supported with evidence and verifiable empirical data.
* * *
       On a separate web page about the philosophy of totalizm, an extremely vital discovery is described. It states, that independently from the "laws of physics", lives of all of us are governed by another set of laws of the universe, which are called the "moral laws". Every person has a built-in intelligent organ called "conscience". This conscience continually whispers to us whether whatever we are just doing is agreeable with moral laws, or rather breaks these laws. The existence of moral laws, and the organ of conscience, introduces a whole range of very vital consequences to all areas of human lives, including into this also politics and social life. For example, it subdivides all politicians and all people into two basic categories, namely onto "totalizts" - means people who obey commands of their conscience and fulfil moral laws in their actions, and "parasites" - means these people who continually ignore the voice of their conscience and do NOT obey moral laws. (The reason why these people who do NOT obey moral laws are called "parasites", while their life philosophy is called the philosophy of parasitism, is that with the elapse of time such continuous ignoring of the voice of conscience makes them unable to do anything constructive. Therefore, with the elapse of time they all turn into intelligent parasites, which live exclusively out of work of other people.) Until the time of formation of the philosophy of totalizm, the existence and content of moral laws was only known to people intuitively, as a kind of special inner voice, or feeling, formed in humans by the organ of conscience. Therefore the version of the philosophy of totalizm practiced through listening to the whispers of our own intuition (conscience) is called the "intuitive totalizm". The creation of a formal philosophy of totalizm in 1985 caused that these intuitively perceived moral laws were expressed scientifically in the form of verbal definitions and principles of conduct. Thus, this version of the philosophy of totalizm, which is practiced by people who independently from listening to the voice of their own conscience, know also the verbal description of moral laws and moral principles of conduct, is called the "formal totalizm". These people who practice the formal totalizm, try to act in such a manner that everything that they do is agreeable with the content of moral laws - means is "moral". The philosophy of totalizm provided also a set of rules of conduct, which allow them easily transform every their intention into a moral action - even if this intention in the original form was immoral.
       The primary reason for which the totalizts try to pedantically obey moral laws in everything that they do, is their knowledge, that these laws were imposed on people for a vital reason by a special superior being which governs the entire universe. Totalizm calls this being the "universal intellect" (UI), while people know it under a popular name of God. The research of totalizm reveals, that this superior being carefully watches whether every person obeys these moral laws in practice. Then this being with an iron consequence rewards or punishes every person for this obeying or breaking moral laws. To be more interesting, this superior being does NOT know any forgiveness nor absolution of sins. It also does not give to anyone any special permission to represent it on Earth. Rather opposite, it encourages and persuades that every person should learn its goals and laws, and learn to fulfil its intentions. In the actions this being acts like a computer - i.e. exactly according to laws which it established. It also fulfils requests of people expressed in prayers - but only if these requests do NOT run against its laws, goals, and methods of action. (Please notice, that forgiveness and absolution of sins was introduced to religions by the philosophy of parasitism, to give to these people who practice parasitism some sort of excuse for refusing to obey moral laws and for not listening to their voice of conscience. In parasitism this excuse states: "why to strive to listen our voice of conscience, if God still forgives all our sins, or if we can buy an absolution from our sins via our religion which claims to represent God on Earth.)
       The reason for which this universal intellect (God) established moral laws, is causing a continuous development and evolution of the universe. But in order this development and evolution took place, independently from moral laws was also necessary the "free will" - means the right of people to choose whether they wish to obey these moral laws (i.e. to live like totalizts), or rather they wish to break them (i.e. to live like parasites). In order to give this free will to people, the universal intellect (God) cannot execute its rewards and punishments in such a manner that it is immediately obvious for everyone, that whatever they receive in a given moment of time is actually a reward or a punishment. After all, in cases when everyone knows exactly whether is getting a punishment or a reward, then he or she would have no courage to do anything out of own initiative, and with every decision would wait for an order or a sign from God. This in turn would kill all attempts, searches, development, and evolution. Therefore, the universal intellect (God) introduced also the so-called "canon of ambiguity" which causes, that everything which this intellect does, always have several different explanations. (The more comprehensive description of this "canon of ambiguity" is provided in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4].) For example, according to this canon, all rewards and punishments, which someone receives for his or her actions, are served with at least 5-years long time delay. After such a long time almost no-one still remembers and sees the connection of what just affects him or her, and what he or she did some time before. Because of this canon of ambiguity, all problems which currently affect humanity, are simply consequences of breaking of moral laws which took place several years earlier. As every such breaking always took place from an initiative, or an order, of a parasitic politician - who was not aware of the consequences of whatever he did, people need now totaliztic politicians who will NOT break moral laws, to improve the situation of the society. The creation of the pool of just such totaliztic politicians, who will act according to the moral laws, is only possible if a special political party of totalizm is founded. The chief goal of this party is to eliminate future social problems by undertaking immediate actions which are to pedantically obey moral laws.
       Until the time when the philosophy of totalizm was created, people did not know that all evil and harm which affects them, originates from the breaking of moral laws. After all, this "canon of ambiguity" causes, that never it is clear why given problems affect someone. Therefore, initially the absolute monopole for practically all areas of human lives has gained on Earth the philosophy of social "parasitism". This parasitic philosophy works in such a manner, as if our lives were only a kind of primitive jungle, in which the fittest eats weaker ones, and in which only two options do exists, namely "eat others, or be eaten by others". Being guided in life by conscience or by moral laws, in this parasitic philosophy no-one even considers. Thus, the sad outcomes of such intense implementation of this diabolic philosophy we can presently see around ourselves. The rampaging immorality, a wide use of force, injustice, power of money, unemployment, exploitation, enslaving, private interests, poor getting poorer while rich getting richer, lying, fear, hopelessness, addictions, sorrow, crimes, constant wars in various parts of the world, terrorism, aggression, etc., etc. Practically everything in present world is aligned or carried out according to principles of this philosophy of social parasitism. The nation is unable to watch hands of governing bodies. No voices of reasoning are counting any more - even if these in power do something terribly immoral, unjust, or barbaric. In the result, political leaders of almost every country in the world act as if they conspired to spoil and to make miserable as much as only possible the life of citizens of countries in which they rule. Only such ideologies and political systems are presently allowed, which are based on this philosophy of social parasitism. People employed on key positions of every country decide what scientists are allowed to research, what knowledge people have the right to learn, and which theories and inventions must be destroyed and persecuted - so that they never serve to humanity. Even religions and "miracles" are already controlled and interpreted by this philosophy, while our present understanding of God allowed for people to learn, is intentionally deviated by it, so that instead of serving the truth, it serves the parasitic interests of this philosophy.
       But almost all the above was drastically changed after the appearance on Earth of the body of knowledge which presently is represented by the philosophy of totalizm. Step by step, totalizm started to abolish subsequent doctrines of parasitism. And so, totalizm abolished for example the monopole of parasitism on the knowledge about morality and God. Due to this, people could learn that the existence of God is already formally proven in a scientific manner, and that the nature of God is explainable and understandable for everyone, while principles of His action can be researched with typical scientific methods. Furthermore, principles of God's action which stem from research of totalizm turned out to be completely different from the actions of God described by religions which are saturated by the philosophy of parasitism. For example, totalizm revealed that in fact God does not know forgiveness. Thus, no religion is able to buy for us from Him an "absolution from sins". For everything that we do we are treated by Him with an iron justice. In addition to this monopoly, totalizm wrested also several other monopoles from parasitism, e.g. the monopole for the formulation of principles of social life, monopoly for knowledge what is progressive and moral, monopole on principles of formulation of human legal system and service of justice, etc., etc.
       Unfortunately, there is a single vital monopole maintained by adherers of the philosophy of parasitism, which totalizm still must try to abolish in order to improve the living standards of all of us. It is this monopole for the political power over people, and for shaping the social life according to principles of given philosophy. So far, adherers of the philosophy of parasitism ruled people in an absolute manner. Of course, according to the principle "like author like book" (in Polish "jaki pan taki kram"), these are destructive parasitic governments that are a source of all our present problems. After all, principles of parasitism are so morally rotten, so false, and so cunning, that on the basis of them no-one is able to accomplish anything good. Therefore, because of this political monopole of parasitism, our planet is ruled in a manner which is the worst one out of every kinds of rules that only could take place on Earth. Anyway, what kind of rules one can expect from these ones, the philosophy of whom does not allow and does not try to implement principles of moral behaviour in life, and who do not see anything wrong in all existing versions of lying, corruption, and deviations.
       In order to improve this hopeless political situation of humanity, absolutely necessary is to abolish present political monopole of philosophy of parasitism. Of course, this monopole is not going to be given up voluntarily. Therefore it is necessary that a political "party of totalizm" is created, and that this party wrestles the political power from adherers of the philosophy of parasitism. In turn, after the power is gained by the "party of totalizm", and after all matters begin to be carried out according to moral laws, the situation of people improves immediately. After all, the rules of adherers of the philosophy of parasitism, which overflow with corruption and incompetence, will have no chance in comparison with rules of the party of totalizm, which are oriented at carrying out exclusively moral actions.
       In spite that for many readers the creation of the political party of totalizm and wrestling by it the political power from adherers of parasitism may appear to be equally difficult as making a miracle, it is worth to remember that since totalizm was formed a lot of miracles took place. After all, it is a miracle that totalizm managed to eventuate - in spite that everything on Earth is under the control of social parasitism, and that adherers of parasitism know totalizm to be a vigorous opponent of their philosophy. It is also a miracle that totalizm gathered and disseminates the knowledge and ideas, which even the most clever minds from the pool of humanity were unable to create for millennia. It is also a miracle, that totalizm begins to display tangible results in areas where over 2000 years of efforts of various religions, philosophies, and ideologies did not manage to accomplish anything. It is also a miracle that God created in the universe such a situation, that interests of enemies of totalizm coincide with present interests of sympathisers of totalizm - thus if someone will continue the destruction of totalizm then in fact will destroy also a better future for himself and for his descendants.
* * *
       At the end of this item it is worth to add, that attempts of opening for common people the access to the aspects of life most sought for, are so old as the humanity itself. In fact, every revolution, and the eventuation of every religion, is the expression of these attempts. To examples of most commonly known out of such attempts belong: teachings of Jesus, the formation of Christian church, Spartacus unrest, the October Revolution, the formation of USSR, the formation of Solidarity, collapsing of the Berlin wall, etc. Unfortunately, all previous such attempts did NOT accomplish a success. The reason was, that they only changed names of political systems (i.e. names of ideologies, governments, and laws), but left unchanged principles on which these systems worked. For example, they replaced forcing of labour from people by capitalists, with forcing of labour from people by communists, and vice versa. But they did NOT change the forcing of labour into voluntarily labour. They changes names of political parties. But they have not forced politicians and leaders to listen to the voice of their conscience - means NOT forced them to act according to the content of moral laws. In turn, for as long as these superior goals of totalizm (i.e. change of principles on which a new society operates, forcing politicians and leaders to act pedantically moral, etc.) could be implemented, the life of people will be full of exploitation, pain, immorality, and injustice. Therefore, attempts to accomplish these superior goals of totalizm must be continued until the success. The attempt to form a political party of totalizm via this web page, is just one of them. Let us hope, that although with a lot of effort and with a lot of obstacles, this will succeed at some stage.

#H4. Is there a danger that principles of totalizm become corrupted after the formation of a "political party of totalizm":

Motto: "The party of totalizm has a simple and easily verifiable method of blocking the access to government for all immoral kinds of people and for evil UFOnauts. Namely it imposes the requirement that for the governmental positions only these ones can volunteer who already accomplished the nirvana. This is because god makes sure that the nirvana cannot be accomplished by any immoral person nor by evil UFOnaut. In turn experiencing the nirvana by someone is well visible and verifiable by the entire nation. After all, the nirvana is clearly etched on faces of these ones who are experiencing it."

       The history of the last period on Earth inclines people to a high cynicism and scepticism when comes to a political implementation of any noble idea. After all, even the worst political parties and the biggest monsters, claimed that they act for the "good of humanity". So is there a possibility, that after wrestling the political power, the party of totalizm also fails to deliver - similarly as this was done by all previous parties and ideologies. Many people confronted with the proposal of formation of a political party of totalizm always wonders in their minds, whether the noble ideas of totalizm, after establishing the party, will be eroded with implementation errors. After all, this erosion already happened e.g. with communism - which compromised its noble ideas due to a hopeless economy combined with a continuous stream of errors and deviations. Is it possible that with the elapse of time also the party of totalizm transforms itself into just another insignificant party, the members of which will promote private interests under the excuse of fight for noble ideas of morality, happiness, prosperity, and progress.
       In order to remove all doubts of this type, and also to make impossible the devaluation of principles of totalizm during the political implementation of these principles, already at this stage the party of totalizm builds into itself appropriate safety mechanisms. Let us discuss here at least some of these mechanisms, which already are in place. In addition to these, further such mechanisms are still in the process of being developed.
       (i) Totaliztic nirvana. The iron moral requirements which god imposed onto the accomplishing of nirvana, the fulfilment of which is also supervised by god not by people, cause that it is NOT possible to someone to deviate from the path of morality while still maintaining the state of nirvana. In turn, after the required moral climate is created by totalizm, and after we learn more about most efficient ways of earning the nirvana, onto every politician who represents the party of totalizm an iron expectation will be imposed by the party and by the entire nation, that this politician must continually maintain the state of nirvana. This is because the nirvana will be a means of verification and a proof, that a given politician fulfils all moral requirements to represent totalizm. This in turn means, that independently from being a politician, every one amongst politicians of totalizm will voluntarily work physically during a significant part of each year. Furthermore, the requirement of accomplishing nirvana by representatives of the party of totalizm will eliminate also the so-called UFOnauts-changelings from key positions in the government and party. After all, evil creatures are unable to accomplish the nirvana.
       (ii) Having a "moral skeleton" which is completely independent from the party. The party of totalizm has also a strong moral protection against deformation of its ideals and against getting on the path of errors and deviations. This is the philosophy of totalizm which develops on the basis of a scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus which remains independent from all possible political influences. Because the party of totalizm is to just implement in a real life the philosophy of totalizm, but has no political influence and is unable to cause a possible deformation of this philosophy, it is unable to deviate itself. This is because all deformations, errors, and political mistakes take place only in areas where there is a complete lack of moral skeleton, or where a group or a party acts according to a skeleton but also has an influence on changing the shape of this skeleton. (After all, only when a party is able to change the skeleton, it is also able to deviate its own actions.)
       (iii) The statutory protections. Learning from historical experiences, the party of totalizm must place a lot of attention to embedding in itself such mechanisms of actions and such statutory bodies, which make impossible the deviation from its ideas in the course of implementation of these ideas. Therefore, in the party itself a highly powerful statutory body (i.e. so called "Statutory Commission") must exist, which will check the agreeability of every movement of the party with ideas of totalizm. Already at the present stage readers can contribute towards shaping and assigning powers to this body, by improvements of the sections of the "statute" of this party, which describes the functioning of it. Furthermore, all activities of the party must have the feedback checking build into it.
       (iv) Simplicity, transparency, and the elimination of bureaucracy. The highest tendency for a corruption always display creations which are highly complicated, screened from any external inspection, and saturated with bureaucracy. Therefore the party of totalizm is going to act in a simplest manner possible, every aspect of it is going to be transparent and open for everyone, it will eliminate bureaucracy, increase the personal responsibility of members and officers, etc.
       (v) Relying on the progress of knowledge. All activities of the party of totalizm will be carried out according to a totaliztic principle of "choosing the line of highest intellectual contribution". This practically means that in everything that this party does, it is going to utilise the newest accomplishments of our knowledge, most modern solutions, best thought, discussed, and consulted projects, etc. Their example can be the "law which uses principles of so-called "Object-Oriented Programming", presented on the web page about better humanity. In turn, such strategy should guarantee that the party never falls into a trap of stagnancy, that is not going to alienate itself from the needs of the nation, that it is going to corrupt, deviate, etc., as this happened with so many other political parties.
       (vi) Impossibility of doing evil when one acts pedantically morally. Although in everyday life we frequently use the word "moral", actually no many of us are able to define what this word actually means. However, totalizm defines this word quite clearly. After all, the only principle of totalizm requires, that whatever we do, we odd to do it in a pedantically MORAL manner. According to totalizm, "morally" means "carried out in such a manner that is harms no-one amongst people affected by it". (In turn "immoral" in totalizm means "carried out in such a manner which harms someone amongst people affected by it".) Expressing this in other words, all human suffering results from the fact, that these people are harmed by outcomes of someone's immoral activities. So in order the party of totalizm never causes the worsening of the situation of people, all what it needs to do, is to program its activities in such a manner, that everything this party does is pedantically moral. In this way the party of of totalizm never causes any evil. Such a pedantically moral operation of this party is already pre-programmed into the operation of it - the reader can verify this by analysis of the project of "statute" listed in item #E6 of this web page. In fact, it is almost a physical impossibility that this party could cause any evil. Thus the winning of election by it will be a beginning of a huge moral revival of our nation and world, and also the beginning of a period of goodness and prosperity which the party will gradually work out for the nation by governing in the pedantically MORAL manner.
       The above should be complemented with the information, that definitions of terms "moral" and "immoral" used by totalizm, are improved and make more unambiguous in comparison to definitions of these terms in religions and in everyday life. For example, according to totalizm the sexual intercourse is only then immoral, if in any manner it harms any person (e.g. when one amongst copulating people is infected with a venereal disease, when it initiates a life which no-one is going to want and to love, etc.). On the other hand, we know well that e.g. religions have a quite different opinion about the morality and immorality of sexual intercourses.
       (vii) Accessibility, openness, equality with others. The politicians representing the party of totalizm will be accessible to everyone, will work physically for a significant proportion of each year together with others in order to maintain their nirvana, will talk, eat, and cooperate with ordinary people, etc. In the result, they will NOT live on some "ivory towers", but will participate on everyday basis in a normal life, will know needs and pleasures of ordinary people, know hierarchy of importance of matters, and will voluntarily try to improve everything that is the most vital.

#H5. So do not sit on your hands doing nothing, but roll up your sleeves and start to help in starting the party of totalizm and in accomplishing its goals:

Motto: What is the difference between some old political parties to-date, and the proposed here new party of totalizm? Well, these old parties try to promise things that sound realistically, although in advance they intent to not keep these promises. In turn the new party of totalizm promises things that sound unrealistically, but it sincerely intends keep all these promises!

       Do you have enough? Are you already disappointed, frustrated, and tormented sufficiently by the present political reality which surrounds you, to join actively our efforts of repairing the evil which continually deepens around us. Do you still believe, that the human society should be ruled by laws of a jungle - where a fittest "eats" a weaker one, where the prosperity and wealth of a few, are accomplished at the cost of exploitation and enslaving of many others, where it counts whom you know - not what you know, where prevail private interests, egoism, mutual backing, taking care of own income, where laws are so complicated that no one is on top of them - thus where "justice" needs to be purchased, thus it serves only to these ones who can afford hiring expensive lawyers, where many people remain unemployed and have nothing to eat - while soil is lying non-harvested, food is destroyed to keep high prices, while factory buildings are empty because no one wishes to produce anything in them. Do you intend to linger on like presently for the rest of your life. Do you intend to leave to your descendants such a world saturated with evil. Or perhaps you finally decide to do something to improve your own situation and the situation of your descendants. Remember that angels will not come down from heaven to do everything for you and to feed you with a silver spoon. If you would like to live better, you must earn it yourself. Means, you must move from the couch, cease the sitting on your back side, and begin acting for your own good and for the good of all these whom you love. There is a very sublime philosophy named totalizm (spelled with "z" - to distinguish it from the labelling of the philosophy of "totalitarianism"). It indicates exactly what should be done, in order all of us could have a much better life. So that the prosperity and wealth of all of us begin to grow due to voluntary work of people in harmony, not due to forced labour and exploitation. So that the morality, well-being of others, and the lack of suffering become the most vital goal of human efforts. So that your own success, happiness, and your standard of living become a goal of efforts for all of us. It is enough that we all begin to act according to the directives of this moral philosophy and our lives will improve. Of course, in order to begin act according to the philosophy of totalizm, we firstly need to re-program appropriately all our social structures. The beginning of this re-programming is to establish a new political party, and then win the power for it. But everything is possible - if we put into it the required amount of work, knowledge, wisdom, and thinking over. So let us roll up our sleeves and begin the work. This web page explains what and how should be done.

Part #I: Let us assume that the "party of totalizm" already exists - what is next:


#I1. The proposal of the electoral programme of the "party of totalizm":

       The electoral programme is simply a description of what the proposed here "party of totalizm" intends to implement in life in case it manages to organise itself into a real political force (a party), and if it manages to gain the political power. So it is a kind of "promise" which this party makes to the nation (and which will be kept), in return for its candidates are to be elected to the political governing bodies of the country. This electoral programme of the party of totalizm is composed of two groups of goals, namely: (1) implementation of all principles of totalizm in the political life of the nation, and (2) the implementation in the life the political improvements that are based on principles of totalizm. Both these groups of goals the party of totalizm is going to accomplish after it comes to power. At the present stage, it tries to reveal these goals to all interested, so that these know what the party stands for, what it tries to accomplish, how it is going to operate, etc., etc.
       The component of the electoral programme of the party of totalizm which posts for itself the goal "(1) implementation of all principles of totalizm in the political life of the nation", includes all these (resulting from the philosophy of totalizm) principles of coexistence between people, which the party of totalizm is going to introduce to the country it rules. Notice that these principles were developed in the result of scientific research which are completely independent from the political party of totalizm, thus these constitute for the party of totalizm a kind of moral skeleton which indicates the direction of acting for this party. The most important such principle is the only principle of totalizm which states that everything that the party of totalizm does must be done in such a manner that it is agreeable with the content of moral laws, means that it is "pedantically moral". In turn "moral" in the definition of totalizm is "everything that does NOT harm any of the affected sides" and also "everything that lifts us uphill in the moral field". Therefore practically in its actions the party of totalizm is going to act only whatever is beneficial to all interested sides, and what does NOT harm any of these sides. More information about principles of totalizm is explained on internet web pages totalizm, moral laws, and God.
       The component of the electoral programme of the party of totalizm, which places the goal for itself to "(2) implement in the real life the political improvements that are based on principles of totalizm", include all political, economic, legal, etc., actions which will be oriented towards the increase in prosperity of citizens, decrease the unemployment, elimination of crime and addictions, decrease in bureaucracy, improvement of standard of living of citizens, easing the formalities, increase the "userfriendliness" in all services, adoption by the government and its officers the personal responsibility for their own actions, etc., etc. This component is presented, amongst others, on a separate web page named better humanity. I suggest to have a look at this web page, in order to realise what the party of totalizm described here is trying to do and to accomplish.

Part #J: What we should do in the meantime when there is no, as yet, the party of totalizm:


#J1. To be aware of the slavery system secretly creeping up into our societies:

Motto: "A slave is NOT just a person whom we name with this word. In fact a slave is everyone who is deprived the free will."

       The highly biased lesson of the history developed in us a belief that so-called "slaves" are only these people who are owned by someone. In turn the "slavery system" is only this system which was practiced a long ago in the ancient Rome, or relatively recent on the South of the USA. However, the truth really is such that the slavery gradually returns to our present society. We may not even realise this when we all become slaves of a new system.
       If one thinks thoroughly what actually represents an essence of every "slavery", then it turns out that it is the fact that a given person is stripped of his or hers "free will" that originally was given to him or her by God. In turn the "free will" can be stripped from people on thousands of invisible manners, not just by selling people to someone for slaves, or through forcing them to become gladiators. For example, until today practiced methods of group stripping free will from people include the imprisonment (or e.g. sending to Siberia), and also their conscription to a military service. It is for such a reason that totalizm argues for exclusively a voluntarily army - for details see item #F3 from the web page memorial and item #D3 on the web page battle for Milicz. Of course, the "free will" can be removed also in an unnoticeable manner. For example, present systems which initially "give a Bank credit" and then watch and ruin their credit takers, are nothing else as cunning methods of secretive enslaving and taking the "free will" from people. Also almost every duty, command, and ban contained in human laws for some people means deprivation of their free will. As an example consider the duty to fasten safety belts in cars, or the ban to photograph. Shockingly, in present times the number of such "legal" bans is multiplying, as governments make moves to limit in people their free will. As an example consider the so-called "compulsory insurance", censorship of anything, or e.g. forcing citizens who wish to do something (e.g. make a web page for themselves) to apply for a licence from the government.
       If in turn someone researches thoroughly where these deprivation of free will comes from, it turns out that the source of it is a secretive occupation of the Earth by parasitic relatives of humans - about the existence of which warns us even the Bible. (How the Bible warns us in a discreet manner that our parasitic relatives are actually these "devils", "serpents", "dragons", etc., who secretly occupy the Earth from the beginnings of time, it is explained in item #D1 of the web page about origins of evil on the Earth.) These our parasitic relatives do not have "free will" - they still live in a slavery system. In turn, as this is the custom of every occupant these our parasitic relatives always try to make the population which they occupy as much similar to themselves as they can. In the result, amongst others, they secretly introduce on the Earth all these suffocating laws which strip free will also from the people.
       The reason for which these our parasitic relatives are able to secretly deprive people their free will, and thus gradually turn humanity into a civilisation of slaves, is their close similarity to people. They are so similar to humans, that their agents pretend to be our politicians, so that we elect them "democratically" to our governments. For this reason our very urgent goal is to cease selecting these our parasitic relatives to the governing bodies. This goal is relatively easy to accomplish, although it requires putting a bit of heart into it. Everyone can also implement it on his or her own, without even mentioning this to others, nor arranging for this any organisation. How to accomplish this it is described relatively well on other (mentioned earlier) web pages of totalizm.

Part #K: Summary and ending of this web page about the political party of totalizm:


#K1. To summarise this web page:

Motto: "Every progressive idea has enemies. Enemies of ideas of totalizm include Satan himself and the pack of his "wolves in sheep skins'. But if we act morally then even Satan and his 'wolves in sheep skins' are unable to stop us."

       Whatever initiative is undertaken in matters of totalizm, immediately evil enemy of this philosophy undertakes tenfold more powerful counter-offensive aimed at the destruction of this initiative. How cunning, how well hidden, and how well organised is this campaign of putting down initiatives of totalizm, the reader may check by himself through writing the keyword "totalizm" in any known search engine, e.g. in www.google.com, and then checking the content of some supposedly "supporting totalizm" web sites that will be indicated. After all, on many of these web sites some anonymous individuals are loudly declaring that they support totalizm, but if someone reads what they do for this "support", then it turns out that they smear and spit at this philosophy on every manner they can. Many people are cheated by this counter-offensive of "wolves in sheep skins" - the true intentions of which are foretold even by the Bible. But for these people who think rationally, the sole fact that the progressive totalizm which does NOT harm anyone and which always tries to act moral, still has so many enemies, says a lot. After all, if enemies of moral totalizm secretly and continually attack this philosophy with such a destructive force, then this practically confirms that for them this philosophy appears as a real threat and that everything that totalizm offers to people is true and can be accomplished. This is because only when ideas of totalizm are true and accomplishable, the activities of totalizm turn to be dangerous for these "wolves in sheep skins". So the dear reader, do not let to lure yourself by these "wolves in sheep skins" and do not sit passively when in your sight a battle rages for your own happiness and for the happy future for your descendants. Give your own contribution to this battle. The assistance in establishing the party of totalizm described on this web page is the most noble expression of your contribution. After all, without such a party and without assuming the political power by it, totalizm will not be able to implement its goals. In turn, without implementing these goals, the immortal life of people in the conditions of so-called everlasting happiness never becomes a reality. Especially that other political systems already in existence are soon going to completely destroy the humanity - as this is described in "part #H" of the web page prophecies.htm.

#K2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#K3. Please, do clone this web page on your web site, or in any other way contribute towards the formation of a political pary of totalizm:

       Item #C4 on the web page FAQ persuades readers to clone in their own web site any totaliztic web page which coincides with their interests, e.g. this web page. Such a cloning is one example amongst a huge range of defence activities, which as citizens of the planet Earth we have the duty to undertake in order to arrange our RO. (The label "RO" is uniquely assigned to the "resistance movement" against cosmic aggressors of Earth. In Polish it is described by the term "Ruchu Oporu", hence RO. This label RO gradually becomes the "trade mark" of this growing movement.) In the face of increasingly vicious and murderous attacks of UFOnauts on humanity documented on totaliztic web pages, we have no other option but to initiate our defence. So it is immensely important that every courageous inhabitant of Earth, who has the good of Earth and humanity in the heart, is joining these self-defence struggles. In the RO is a lot to do. All hands and all minds are needed. Every citizen of Earth may find something to do for the good of others, that is the most appropriate for his or her interests, capability, available time, and skills. Those who had opportunity to learn the highly moral philosophy totalizm, and understand how to act morally in the spirit of it, should not have difficulties in finding for themselves an area in which they could initiate the fight with RO. If someone requires an inspiration or guidance, then the list of most urgent activities of our self-defence is provided in item #10 of the web page changelings, and also in chapter W from volume 18 of monograph [1/4].
       Because at the present stage of our defence fight, the majority of struggles has the form of an "war of information", especially lot to do is for people with inclinations towards information technology. For example, the most simple such a contribution to RO would be to join discussions on numerous blogs, discussion lists, forums, or web pages with opinions, and standing there for totalizm and for its ideas. One needs to remember that UFOnauts-changelings who presently dominate the internet, for a long time already carry out a campaign of denigrate of totalizm and ideas which this philosophy promotes. Thus urgently needed is wide argumentation for totalizm. The sparse so-far defenders of moral ideas of totalizm seem to be deafen down by crowds instigated telepathically by UFOnauts. A more advanced contribution to RO would be to display "clones" of totaliztic web pages on someone's own web sites - as this is explained in item #C4 of web pages FAQ (with the date of update on, or after, 12 November 2005). Even more complicated contribution would be to open new internet discussion lists and blogs of totalizm devoted to this philosophy and to its ideas, to prepare own totaliztic web pages, to promote totalizm and ideas connected with it, etc., etc.
       People who have inclinations in directions other than informatics, also have in RO a wide opportunities to prove themselves. Our present world is starved for moral, progressive, peaceful and constructive action for the good of fellow humans. Thus such people could contribute their share to a whole range of areas that they choose. For example, the simplest such a contribution would be to join all these who with the power of their minds every day at 9 try to accelerate for UFOnauts the return and fulfilment of karma. How this should be done is described in item #10(c) from the web page UFOnauts-changelings, and in item #8(2) from the web page plagues. Other examples of contribution to RO are described in item #10 of the web page UFOnauts-changelings. For example, these include the joining of political or social movements to enhance them with totaliztic ideas, the building of new technical devices, e.g. for the extraction of so-called free energy, etc., etc. Examples of enhancing political movements with totaliztic ideas could be the undertaking activities aimed at the elimination of "secrecy" from all matters that affect other people, the undertaking activities which would improve electoral laws and procedures - so that power would go only to politicians who were personally elected by the nation, holding back the escalation of laws which limit civil liberties of people, making accountable for unfulfilled promises, etc., etc. Totalizm places also a huge importance on assuming personal responsibility for every action that we take. This is because only when the responsibility is clearly located, it guarantees that a given action will be moral. Therefore one of social improvements postulated by totalizm is to create such legal-social climate, that for every activity a person is clearly assigned who takes the responsibility for outcomes of this activity. (This person would also receive the power to complete the activity in his/her own way.) In turn, on the social arena totalizm recommends various improvements, the effects of which would be to "place people before profit" (see the totaliztic principle "humans first"), to eliminate unemployment, to decrease the distance between rich and poor, to eliminate sources of injustice, to better protect our natural environment, to draw correct conclusions from history, etc., etc. In fact, every citizen of Earth is able to undertake the completion of something that lies in the general spirit of totalizm, that is moral, peaceful, progressive, oriented for good of fellow humans and nature, constructive, etc. Each person can also adjust his or her actions, to be able to proudly announce that he/she is a totalizt and an active member of RO.
       The above is worth complementing with the information, that joining the totaliztic RO creates not only problems. It brings also numerous advantages and rewards. For example, we begin to understand deeply totalizm and reap various benefits from practicing this moral philosophy. Our life immediately gains a deep sense of purpose. We gain a working contact with God in a secular manner, and we begin to feel it everyday. We receive a moral compass which indicates to us the correct direction. All what we do provides us with satisfaction and makes us more happy. Our knowledge and practical skills are increasing. We begin to notice and understand things which for others remain invisible. We also gain an assurance that UFOnauts really do exist and occupy our planet. We document our own courage, and part from the group which hides behind mother's skirt in critical times. We contribute our own share to the better tomorrow. We have a satisfaction that we do not sit passively on our hands when our Earth is bleeding, and that we fight with the essence of all evil. During shaving we are able to look without embarrassment in our own face from the mirror.

#K4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check the further development of situation in the matter of formation of the political party of totalizm:

       In order to keep checking how is going to develop the matter of formation of political party of totalizm, it is worth to return periodically to this web page. By the definition, this web page is going to be improved and extended further, as soon as a possible contribution from readers, and also the course of further events on Earth, is going to influence the people's views, or cause a next action in matters of creation such a political party. So if in the future, you wish to learn what further course takes the matter of formation of such a political party, then visit this web page again. I am going to systematically update the content of this web page, as the development of situation brings some new events worth reporting.

#K5. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under address totalizm.wordpress.com and totalizm.blox.pl/html. (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#K6. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#K7. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#K8. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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